Saturday, June 29, 2013

DAY 679... It's Always a Good Time

We enjoy getting out and doing as much as we can... Even when it 90+ degrees outside! We have spent many days at the splash park, carousel, going on walks, causing trouble, and Aniston just spent her first day at the lake!!!! I just LOVE summer and I love living right next to such a fun little park!!!! This is why we plan on moving to Arizona for Spencer's graduate school. We will get to spend so much time in the pool and outside! Also those people with kids who say they can't do anything because of their kids... Well I'm learning that that is a straight up lie!!! Anyone who uses that excuse is just straight up lazy! Personally I love taking Ani to new places and to do things that she probably could care less about. Plus it gives me an excuse to show her off.... Lets be honest, she's pretty darn cute!
Spencer sent me this video when I was at cheer practice the other day. The girls and I got a pretty good laugh at it... And so it begins!
Eating her Cheetos at the lake.
Trying to figure out sand for the first time. She actually spent quite a bit of time trying to eat the sand and rocks. But she absolutely loved the water! She would keep pointing at it until we would take her to it. Love that she has no fear of the water! Such a brave baby!
Popping a squat on the beach! Something else might also be happening at this point.... but that's okay.
Having a BLAST! I tell you what spending  97 cents on her bucket and shovel at Walmart was possibly one of the best things I have ever done.
Swimming with the cheerleaders. I just love getting compliments from strangers about how awesome my team is. On this day we got a compliment about how modest my girls were. The lady could not stop gushing over the fact that they were covered while many of the other teenage girls there were practically naked. Cute swimsuits! I just love them (the girls... and the swimsuits too I guess)! And I love how much they love Ani and treat her like she is their child. Such a great group of girls!
Enjoying free music at the park... This is Ani's fat girl face! Bring on the double chins!!! She is going through a phase were she likes to be obnoxious in pictures and not smile just have a blank look on her face. I think she has inherited this from her Uncle Chris... 
See the resemblance? Striking... They aren't even blood related! 
Shopping with Dad. This might be her favorite place to sit in the world!
I just need to learn to wear sunscreen sometimes.... You should see my back and legs! I am dying!!! It is all my fault though... At least eventually I will be tan!!!
Sleeping at the lake in her floaty to stay out of the sun.
Summer can be exhausting!
Every time we are at the park, Ani will see the carousel and say "weeeeeeeee". She loves it! She is always very concerned for the other kids on the horses, but I promise she does smile usually.
Ani also loves to pay for the ride. It makes her feel grown up... at least I like to think so.
Check out her curls! LOVE them! One reason I love to take her to the splash park... the curls come out!
Ani is such a good mommy to her baby! She always gets the biggest smile on her face when she gets her baby.
Stay cool with her squirt bottle.
Playing some horseshoes while enjoying the weather!

We have so many more plans for the summer! More trips to the lake, hiking, Ani's birthday (next week), a trip to Utah, a trip to Oregon, maybe some camping, more time at the park and splash park, the 4th of July, maybe a trip to Jackson Hole, and of course Spencer's birthday! This is shaping up to be one of the best summers ever!

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