Monday, June 24, 2013

TV Review... The Office


I remember exactly where I was, who I was with, and how I felt watching the premier of The Office. It was my freshman year of college, 2004 to be exact (oh I am old) I was over at my boyfriends apartment with a couple of his roommates, eating some Little Caesar's, the takeout of college students. I remember laughing hysterically when Jim put Dwight's stapler in jello. I remember laughing at Michael Scott and his business practices. I remeber when "that's what she said" was th coolest thing ever. I remember the very beginning of that crush on Mr. Jim Halpert. I thought The Office was great. It wasn't long before Jim and Pam replaced Cory and Topanga as the world's most fabulous couple in my mind. I remember yelling at the TV begging Pam to realize what an amazing person Jim was. I remember at the end of season 2 dying, knowing that I would have to wait until the beginning of the next season to find out what happened with that kiss between Jim and Pam at Poker night. I remember Jim proposing, the wedding (cried for hours), the birth of their children. I remember using clips from the show in multiple college presentations. I remember dying laughing at the countless pranks Jim would play on Dwight. MEGA DESK!!!! I remember feeling so awkward when Michael promised all the poor kids that he would send them and pay for them to go to college if they graduated from high school, only to back out at the last moment and give them all laptop batteries instead. I remember feeling heartbreak for Michael when his relationships continued to crumble, but being so happy and crying (of course) when he proposed to Holly and she said yes. I remember changing my ringtone to match Andy's ringtone in the episode where Jim threw his phone into the ceiling. I remember hating Karen, for dating Jim and Jan for putting Michael into Bankruptcy. I remember getting on to to read Creed Thoughts. There is so much about this show that I just love. I admit that I stopped watching once Michael left, but even though the next couple of seasons were super rough, the last season really redeemed the show for me. Watching the episodes leading up to the finale were rough. At one point I was sobbing so hard that all Spencer could do was laugh. The finale was hard to watch. I loved it and I feel as though they ended The Office perfectly. The crying began when Michael returned. His time in the finale was short, but it was perfect! I am not a fan of shows like this ending, but this one ended perfectly. I feel a little empty. Kind of like when I read the last book in the Harry Potter series. What's next? I grew up with Jim and Pam and their relationship. Where I was when The Office started, compared to where I am now, is so different. I, like Pam says in the last episode, think back at myself and I just want to yell at young me and keep myself from making stupid mistakes. But, now it's over. The Office is over. But Michael Scott will live on.... I quote him daily!

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