Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things I Love... Take 5

So somehow May did not get a things I love post.... Hmmmmmm. Obviously May was not too good to me. I had no passion in May. Well I am using the word "love" a lot these days so I figured I might as well share some of my new obsessions!!!


When my parents were in town visiting, Spencer and I got to go on a real date!!!! Whoop, whoop. We went to the most happening place in Rexburg.... We went to Walgreens. They have one of the best Ad Seen On TV aisles in town. This is probably my favorite aisle of all the aisles in any store!!!! While browsing the products, I stumbled across this beauty and begged Spencer to let me get it. The best thing about these products is they are always super cheap. Now that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. In this case, it was one of the best $9.99 we ever spent! Works great!!!! Needless to say, we will be eating a lot of French fries around here. I always bake my fries instead of frying them, which probably shames the name French fries, but they are so tasty! Thank you Pinterest for unlimited French fry recipes!!!! Highly HIGHLY recommend this product!


Spencer and I have long been lovers of Netflix. Anytime you can watch TV shows without commercials is time well spent. I mean you save at least 20 minutes watching a 1 hour show right? Well with our upcoming move (SO EXCITED) we will no longer have cable, so we decided to give Hulu Plus a shot. Well even through you have to sit through tiny commercials, it is GREAT! So many more TV show options, and they are all current! Don't worry that we have only had it a week and I have become totally caught up on all my favorite shows... I'm still a productive wife, mother, and student, but I just "make" the time. Really I just don't sleep. But anyway I highly recommend the Hulu Plus!


So we have two TV's in our home. One in the living room area and one in the bedroom. When I am sick, I like to lie in bed and watch my favorite shows. Even if I'm getting ready in the morning and I am actually taking the time to get ready, it helps to have something to watch to pass the time. We decided that we wanted another blue ray player so that we could watch Netflix or Hulu Plus in our room. We after shopping around and talking to the guy at Radio Shack with a lisp, we decided to go a different route. This little Roku is AWESOME! It's fast, it's tiny, and it is just great! If you already have a blue ray or DVD player and are looking for something else, I highly recommend the Roku!

I'm sure that there are a ton of more things that I love, especially since I have slacked on sharing them with you... but I'll come up with some more for you soon!

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