Sunday, June 16, 2013

DAY 646... Happy Father's Day!

I am so lucky to be surrounded by AMAZING men in my life! My Dad is THE BEST Dad ever! I know everyone says that, but some people lie... Let's be honest. My Dad is so supportive, loving, caring, teaching, smart... oh man I could go on and on forever! Basically my Dad has never, not once, let me down. He is such a good Dad! I am so excited to have him and the rest of my family move back to Rexburg! Spencer also has an amazing Dad, and I think Spencer is the Father that he is today because of how his own father raised him. My Grandpa is hilarious... I don't think he knows he's funny... but he has done so amazing things for my own Father, that there's no way that I cannot think he's great! And obviously Spencer is a GREAT Dad! It has been so fun watching him with Aniston this past year. He has done such a good job and I just cannot wait to see what the future holds for our little family!
Aniston and I got Spencer some AMAZING presents and we even made him cry emotional with the card that I had made especially for him! Score one for Mommy and Ani. Here are a few of the pictures that we used in his card...

My child is so stinking cute! I am obsessed with her little sassy self! and believe me, you have never met such a sassy baby!

But look what Ani is doing now...
My baby is growing up so fast!!! We basically took about an hour worth of video of her "walking". Please excuse her messy hair... She had curly hair at church and then she took a nap.... Want to see her cute curly hair????

Oh... Ani also snaps all the time. See her fingers in the last picture. It's the weirdest thing. I can't even snap. How did a Father's Day post turn into an Ani post? Haha!

We LOVE our DADS!!! Enough said!

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