Saturday, June 8, 2013

DAY 638.... .Water Baby & Some Firsts

Am I surprised that my awesome daughter loves the water? Not one bit. Mom and Dad would live at the pool if it was possible! Ani has been having a BLAST at the Splash Park the past couple of days. The best thing about the splash park? We are moving across the street from it in a couple weeks!!!! Hooray for Mama getting tan, Daddy getting burned tan, and for baby being so stinking happy and so cute in her little swimsuits! I just can't wait until Rexburg Rapids opens so that Ani can play at the real pool! Don't be fooled by the term rapids... I should just say a baby pool with a couple slides. Haha... so deceiving!

*** Warning *** Picture Overload!!!!

 Look at those tiny tiny footprints!!!!

 Remember how Ani hates the slide???? Yeah, she doesn't like it any better when there's water on it...

 Just practicing her heel stretches... 
 Seriously.... Most beautiful baby ever!!!

Swimming makes Ani Kate hungry... Anything makes Ani Kate hungry...

Ani also attended her first softball game... she had a blast clapping every 2 seconds for everyone and anything. This girl does not understand team loyalty.

We also attended Ani's first bonfire!!!! She was quite disappointed when I wouldn't share my smore with her, but at least she got her graham cracker!

 All she wanted to do was play in the dirt....
 Helping Daddy roast his marshmallows!
Can you tell that I LOVE pigtails????

Oh man... being a Mom is the BEST thing in the world!

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