Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dear Aniston... .Part 6

Dear Aniston,

There may be times when you think that I am perfect. When you think that your Mom knows everything and that she cannot possibly do anything wrong. Well, this is not the case. I am far from perfect. I will always have the best intentions for you and try to make sure that everything that I am doing for you is the best thing. Like when we went the the lake the other day and I continued to lather you in sunscreen every 20 minutes, I really did try to protect your delicate skin, but I forgot to put sun screen on your ears and even then I apparently didn't put on enough sun screen because you are now displaying your first set of tan sun burn lines. I feel absolutely terrible because I did try to protect you from the sun. But sometimes even when I give you all that I can, it isn't going to be enough. This will never stop me from trying to protect you and do the best that I can for you, but I just think you should know that I'm not perfect and that I do fail. And more importantly, I think that you should know that it's okay if you fail every now and then. It's those times that I fail that I think that I actually learn the most about myself and the person I want to be. It's okay to be less than perfect. It's okay to learn and to grow. In fact you should never stop learning. I'm still learning and I'm 27! You teach me something new almost every day, and I am so thankful for that. Please remember that you don't have to be perfect to be awesome! You were born with awesomeness in your blood! I LOVE YOU Ani Kate!

Love, Your Mom

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  1. I love this so much! I was just talking to someone the other day about hwo we live in such an enabled generation and so many parents do their best to give their children "perfect" lives and in doing that, their children never learn how to fail and to grow from failure. I am impressed by how well you understand that, how you grow, and how you already want your daughter to know that it's okay to fail. You may not be a perfect mom, but you are a great one.