Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DAY 636... 11 Months!!!

I'm freaking out a little bit regarding the fact that I will have a 1 year old this time next month. Where has the stinking time gone? I cannot believe that one of my biggest blessings has almost graced my life for an entire year! I am just is awe at her presence still. Aniston is doing A LOT these days! She is...

Standing on her own!!! Sometimes she even dances without holding onto anything.

Adding to her vocabulary. She has added "bang" (we watch the Big Bang Theory too often apparently, so she sings along with the theme song), "what's that" (She says this while looking from side to side very quickly) as well as "Nana" and "Papa". She also says "hi" very understandably and in the correct moment. It's pretty darn cute to hear her little voice peep out actual words.

Walking like a boss with her baby stroller. This girl can really cruise when she is pushing that stroller. It's kind of crazy, especially because she yells like a little Indian while walking at full speed. It's a little wild...

Mimicking most things. If you bang on the table, Ani will bang on the table. If you clap your hands, Ani will clap her hands. If you talk, Ani will talk. If you lay your head down, Ani will come to you and lay her head down right next to you. Or she just falls asleep in the most awkward positions...

Kissing! When Nana was in town she taught Ani how to kiss! So cute!

Loving water! She has loved baths from about 2 months old, but now she loves all water. We took her to the splash park here in Rexburg and she could not get enough of the water. Mom ruined it though by not bring her prepared with a swim diaper and swimsuit. Darn Mom.

Eating big people food and doing big people things. Ani is kind of over baby food. She will still eat bananas and apple sauce, but she would much rather eat what Mom and Dad are eating. She loves yogurt, bread (this girls NEEDS her carbs!), mac and cheese, otter pops, and graham crackers. She feels very grown up especially when she is sitting by herself in a chair just her size.

I have loved watching Ani grow up! I still can't believe that this is real life and that I get to be her Mom. I am beyond blessed! I can't wait for next month when I get to post cute pictures of my 1 year old!!!!!

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