Friday, October 31, 2014

DAY 1160... Tricks and Treats

I had hoped that I would have a few more years of choosing Aniston's Halloween costumes, or at least guiding her in a certain direction. I had a lot of super cute costumes pinned! But 3 months ago while we were watching The Dark Knight Rises, she asked if she could be Batman for Halloween and has stuck to her guns ever since. I didn't even know she knew what Halloween was. My kid is too smart for her own good.

She had quite the time correcting everyone when they called her "Batgirl", but she wanted everyone to know that she indeed was Batman. She's pretty darn cute. I absolutely LOVE making her cute little costumes every year!

This was our 4th Halloween together as a family. You know what that means... Collage time!!!!
I've been feeling good the past couple of days so it was nice to be able to be involved and active in Aniston's last Halloween as an only child. We hit up a few activities around town for her, but I absolutely loved the Trick or Treat off the Street at our doctor's office.

Every though Halloween day was absolutely gorgeous, if was nice to be inside and somewhere where you knew the candy was safe and they definitely gave generously Spencer was in class during this activity, so Nana joined us.

Thank goodness, because walking up 3 stories while having contractions would have made it rough if I needed to focus on Aniston on the stairs also.

Aniston insisted on giving the ducks at her favorite park a treat too, in costume of course. Such a thoughtful and adorable child! But let's be honest, she did say that she wanted to wear her mask to scare the ducks. Haha!

After we fed ducks we headed over to our friends house where we had set up a little trick for Aniston. Yes, we are those parents.

I loved watching Spencer walk around with his little Batman. Melts my heart to see him as a Dad. I can't wait for him to have a son!

All in all, Aniston had an absolutely wonderful Halloween!!!! Thank goodness! Now it's baby time!

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