Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DAY 1130.... NEXT MONTH!!!!!

I can now say that we are having a baby next month!!!! What?!?!? I feel like it's gone by quickly thanks to Aniston and just having a much busier lifestyle than I did while pregnant with Ani, but so slow at the same time! But seriously... next month we will become a family of four!!!

We had a doctors appointment earlier this week and discovered we are measuring two weeks big. Not surprised, Ani was two weeks early super healthy and 7lbs 11oz. Spencer has officially placed his prediction of the birthday of his son on November 8th and I'm gonna stick with November 14th. His actual "due date" is November 28th. We start going to appointments twice a week now because I am considered to be high risk due to the gestational diabetes. Speaking of which... The wait at the doctor's office was a little long so we were given these for being so patient....

Is this appropriate for a patient of my diabetic standing, who hasn't tasted real ice cream in weeks? I took these coupons as my doctor saying, don't worry about your blood sugars today... Dig in! So we did! It was the most amazing ice cream I have ever tasted possibly!!! Felt like garbage afterwards, but what was I expected to do? Save it until the baby is born? Oh heck no!

We are getting so excited for our little man to arrive. Pretty sure Aniston thinks he is staying in my belly forever, but she is still asking everyday to hold him and kiss him. The only thing we still need to get really is a car seat and diapers. But other than that, we are ready! Still feeling anxious about the labor and delivery and recovery since this is not my first rodeo and I know how badly those things can suck, and we aren't even going to touch on the anxiety surrounding breast feeding, but we are soooooooooo ready!

Time has been flying by the past month or two so I just hope that that keeps up through October! Hooray for only 58 days tops left!!!!

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