Thursday, October 23, 2014

DAY 1152... More Fall Fun

My fall dreams came true last weekend when we got to go to a pumpkin patch. I have to admit... I find the pumpkin patches in my area of Eastern Idaho to be very disappointing. Like as disappointing as Amanda Seyfried or Russell Crowe in Les Miserables or the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell. I have very high pumpkin patch standards, and I have yet to visit one that meets my expectations. I just can't wait until I own my own pumpkin patch! It's gonna be AMAZING!!!! It's at the pumpkin patch that I love documenting my family growing every year. There's just something about taking picture on a hay bale.

Aniston loved chasing the chickens this year, riding the train, and her most favorite was probably the kittens. If I wasn't so worried about allergies and a new baby I would buy her one because of the happiness she demonstrated when she was playing with them! But I'm definitely one of those people that put children in front of pets, not the other way around.

 Most of the pumpkins looked as if they were suffering from Ebola... Not cool. But check out those mirrored dimples with Ani and Dad while holding the kitten. DYING!!! I can't wait to see if baby boy has dimples too!!!!

I didn't love how chilly it was the day that we went and I didn't appreciate the number of smokers in the pumpkin patch or the lady who didn't care that her child was running down the middle of the busy street stopping traffic due to safety issues, but you can't have everything to perfection. I think I really am going to push the boundaries next year on going to a really awesome pumpkin patch. I will find an awesome one within an hour of Rexburg. It needs to happen!

The weather has been nice enough to still get our disc golf on. Well.... Spencer gets it on at least. I was able to take some pretty cool pictures of him playing this past weekend.

The lighting was perfect for picture taking!


I just love when I happen to wear similar outfits during pregnancies around the same time. Here is me pregnant with Ani on the left at 35 weeks and then with brother (yes, we have considered naming him after a Berenstain Bear due to our lack of name options for our unborn son) on the right at 34 1/2 weeks.

I went in for the first of my 2 appointments this week and once again I had lost 2 pounds. Not even sure how it's possible that I'm losing weight and honestly I'm getting tired of the doctors being upset, but to be honest, I'm not even eating super great. I'm eating good enough to keep my blood sugars good but not good enough to lose weight. It's annoying. I gained 50 pounds with Ani and this time I have only (haha... only) gained 32 pounds. Anyway, the doctor asked if I had been having contractions....

Yes. And Ani has been the best at helping me through them. Then I told her that I had been having some tightness in my chest and pain. She then listened to my lungs and informed me that my lungs were only filling up about halfway. That's no good for me, and definitely no good for brother. His breathing when we did the ultrasound was fantastic and everything looked great thank goodness. But Mom on the other hand if having some issues. So I received my very first breathing treatment....

It wasn't fun and made me super jittery. I was having chest pain again with 4 hours. I have another appointment on Friday morning and they may have to give me an inhaler to help me breathe. This also gives baby boy a reason to come sooner rather than later. We are still being told 2-3 weeks and we will have a new family member. I just can't wait!!!!

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