Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DAY 916... Confessions of a Subpar Parent

How is it possible that in almost the 20 months that Aniston has graced us with her presence that I had not taken her to the library? I LOVE to read and to write and I just love all things books! I'm really feeling as though I have failed in this aspect of motherhood. My awesome mom took me to the library all the time when I was younger. It was truly my favorite place. Obviously this was before the time that I discovered Taco Bell. Just kidding, I still love the library!

But today everything changed.

I took Aniston to the library. She loved it! She got a little anxious during story time and halfway through stood up and announced to me and everyone else attending that she was done with this. Love my sassy little opinionated diva.
 She loved playing with new toys while she was there!
 She ran towards the first Elmo book she could find and ripped it from the shelves to read. Funny thing is that we have never even watched Sesame Street. I cannot figure out how she knows Elmo, but she definitely knows Elmo.
 This horse was her absolute FAVORITE thing about the library! When we got home she told her Dad all about the horse.
 We never let her play on our computers at home so Aniston was in heaven playing on the computer. Okay, so she really didn't play, she kind of inappropriately banged on the keyboard over and over.
 Of course she had to say hi to the fish!
 The best part about story time was sitting on the blue square. Of course she had to tell all the other kids which color they needed to sit on too. I love how smart she is, and the look on people's face when they ask how old she is after her pointing out colors and talking so much.
 Once again loving on the computer!
 So many books!
 She had a little issue with the bird stamp she got on her hand. Kind of freaked her out, but by the time we got home she was okay with it. I noticed she kind of freaked out that there wasn't a stamp on her left hand also. She inherited a little of her Mommy's OCD apparently.
So much fun at the library today!!! I really want to take her to story time at least once a week. I think it's a good opportunity for her to learn to sit still and listen and to interact with other children. Most of the kids were older than she is, but that's okay. And yes, before anyone else asks, my hair grows crazy fast so it really is that long already after THIS happened.

I really think that reading leads to a wonderful imagination and has the potential to open so many doors. I love reading and I love being inspired by writers. I hope that Aniston can inherit more than my OCD traits and learns to love reading as well.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time! We don't have a kid friendly library near our home but I try to take my eighteen month old to one in another city. It's still not as awesome as the one you guys went to. Your daughter is adorable!