Friday, February 28, 2014

DAY 918... Lord Kenneth Jacob Kinville of Glencoe

Yesterday one of my brother's turned 18. I cannot believe that he is 18! He recently got accepted to both BYU Provo and BYU Idaho and he will be graduating from high school in a few short months. I cannot get over how quickly he has grown up. This kid is HILARIOUS! He is also very talented. He plays the saxophone like a boss. Remember when we lived in Utah and he came in a serenaded my cheerleaders at practice in a wig and mustache?

He has the most ridiculous sense of humor which I love, but not everyone gets it. For his 18th birthday there was only one thing that he wanted. So my parents bought him a square foot of property in Scotland and now Jake is a legit Lord of Glencoe. How awesome is that? I am dying of jealousy seriously. I am trying to convince Spencer to Lady me up. Such a cool and unique thing! I made him this sweet card to commemorate the occasion...

Congrats Lord Kenneth on all that you done and all that you will do. You're gonna be great!!!!

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