Friday, February 14, 2014

DAY 904... $49.99

It is my belief that life starts at conception. Don't try to argue with me, you will not change my mind, this is my belief. I understand you may not feel the same, and that's okay, I respect your right to your own opinions and beliefs. But this is my blog and I write my truths and my beliefs. Don't like it? Don't read it. Pretty darn simple.

How much do you spend a week on grocery's? My little family spends about $40-$60 a week to eat. So that averages out to about $50 a week. How much do you spend on gas a month? My little family spends about $32-$64 a month on gas. How much if your electric bill? Your gas bill? How much do you pay for cable and internet? How much does it cost you to go to the movies, or eat out? How much money do you spend on clothes and shoes and makeup and shampoo each month? How much do you pay for your cell phone bill or on Hulu and Netflix? We pay these bills and buy unnecessary items mindlessly. It just happens. We don't think about it, we just consider it a part of life. Of course there are times in my life where I have been on a budget, but there have been times where I definitely have not been.

What else can you do with $49.99? Pay auto insurance, buy A LOT of Taco Bell (possibly the best way to spend $49.99), buy over 4000 penny candies, go to a nice dinner and a movie.

Or a 17 year old, who cannot vote, buy pepper spray or be considered an adult can buy a Plan B pill for $49.99. There is a reason 18 is an age limit for so many things in life. Any younger than 18 and most people are not capable of making good choices. By allowing 17 years olds the option of buying a Plan B pill after they have irresponsibly had sex with who knows who, we are telling them that it's okay to make mistakes because there's a pill to fix them. Here's an idea... How about instead of taking a pill to prevent conception, let's teach our children about abstinence and safe sex. Kids will be kids and they will make choices we may hate and do what they want to do, but as parents, role models and examples we can at least teach them the adult way to deal with things.

I know and understand that Plan B is not an abortion pill. But if you think you are responsible enough to have unprotected sex, the act that creates life, you should be responsible enough to care for a child.
In life you do not get 72 hours  to fix a mistake... Once it's done it's done. With Plan B you can have an entire 72 hours to decide whether you want what's his names kid or not. How messed up is that? I feel as though the parents of those who use Plan B are simply saying, "Pardon us while we raise immature and irresponsible children and then wonder why they are who they are when they grow up."

Teach your children about consequences! Commit to giving consequences! Be an adult! Set an example! Teach your children that in the real world mistakes happen and you may not be able to change what happened but you can fix the future. You can go on to make better decisions. I understand the need and desire to want to protect your children, but do not send them out into the real world unprotected with no understanding or knowledge that can help them!!!! Teach them that there are options and not on,ply absolutes! In this case adoption could really bless the life of a family. Adoption could make someone's dream come true. Who wouldn't want to do that for someone else?Spend your $49.99 a little more wisely.

I am really missing my babies today, since this is day 4 of my trip. Here's a picture of my two valentines!

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