Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DAY 901... I Am Great

Currently on an airplane, soaring 20,000 feet above the ground trying really hard not to think too much about how little I understand about how airplanes work and how it's possible that this massive hunk of metal can possibly keep me safely in the air for a substantial amount of time. While attempting to distract myself I began to think about my little Aniston. The longest we have ever been apart is 2 days. Until now. I will be in Atlanta (our flight there hasn't been cancelled... Yet) for the next 6 days without her! As I quietly crept into her room this morning at 4am to say goodbye I may or may not have cried. She truly is my heart and soul and my best friend! She is my little piece of heaven for sure.

As women I think that we often forget about our worth. We could brag all day about our DIY crafts or how amazing and wonderful our children are or simply how we survived another day. But we need to take a break and realize, "I am great." Recently the hubs and I hit the movie theater (love that my family lives here and are so willing to provide free babysitting) and saw Saving Mr. Banks. At one point in the film the driver says to the main character, "this is all for you. If it wasn't for you none of this would be possible." We have to, as women, realize this is the case in our lives! Without me, my daughter would not be here. Without me my home would not be decorated with probably too many DIY projects. Without me things would be different. The lives of those who I care the most about would be different.

I have talents that I probably don't even recognize as talents. Making it through the day is a talent. Being able to entertain a stubborn and sassy child is a talent. Singing my baby to sleep is a talent. Making dinner after a long day is a talent. Being able to simultaneously clean the house, do a load of laundry and make a baby laugh is a talent. Going to work is a talent. The possibilities are endless! As women we are constantly doing the best that we can to make sure that everyone else's needs are met and fulfilled that we rarely stop to fill our own needs. We rarely stop to realize and recognize our own gifts and talents and our endless potential.

If we stop and just realize how much joy our talents and our children and we ourselves bring to others and then realize how without us none of that would even be possible. Because we are here and because we are great it is possible. We have rough days where we feel depressed or anxious, or in my case both. We have days where nothing seems to go right and we feel fat (admit it, that happens), unattractive, useless, helpless, hopeless, worthless and scared. At the end of the day (did a Les Miserables tune just run through anyone else's mind?) we need to feel blessed and grateful that we survived another day and that we are blessed with yet another day to bless lives and spend time with those who we love. We are given the gift of another day where we can have the opportunity to realize that we are great!!!

I am guilty of recognizing the gifts and talents of others far more than I recognize my own, and for the sake of my self esteem I need to change that. I need to stop and realize in the mist of the craziness that is my life that I am great. You are great!

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