Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DAY 520... A Moral Dilemma!!!

Since I graduated from High School I have always celebrated Lent. Not sure where I even heard of Lent or why I decided to participate, since I am not Catholic, but I have done it every year since. Every year I give up the same thing... Last year I failed because of pregnancy, and yes, i blamed my unborn child for this failure, but this year I am back to giving up soda and fast food. This year I have run into a dilemma. Another thing about me is that I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. Instead every year I graduated High School I have spent my Valentine's Day surrounded by the comfort of Taco Bell. Well this year Easter is at the end of March, which moved Ash Wednesday up earlier in the month of February and Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Well Ash Wednesday is the day before Valentines Day this year. SUCK!!! The day before?!?!?! Really?!?!? Do you realize what this means??? This means
I cannot go to Taco Bell on Valentines Day!!! 

My heart is totally broken. I'm so bummed! But lucky for me, I have an AMAZING husband who knows how much I value this tradition and got me Taco Bell for lunch today instead!!!!
No judging okay!!! Aniston has been sick and it finally hit me. So I've been laying low and taking all of 20 seconds to get ready for the day. But that didn't stop me from enjoying my DLT. (Doritos's Locos Tacos... And yes, I am that cool).

But here is my new favorite picture of all time!!!!
I was just wanting to take a picture of Ani next to the taco, but by the time I grabbed my phone she had grabbed the taco and put it in her mouth. My baby had her very first taste of TB today!!! Monumental Moment!!!! And in case you were wondering... she absolutely LOVED it!!!!

After I took it away from her (she was sooooooooooooo disappointed) I went to get something to wipe her face with and when I got back, my clever little lady had found something else to eat...
I can already tell that she is just going to LOVE Taco Bell and my heart is so extremely happy about this! Also, can we chat for a second about her blonde hair???? Where did that come from? She has a brunette mother and a ginger father.... I'm crossing my fingers that it darkens up!!! I so badly want her to be a mini me!!!!

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with Taco Bell, but they're just adorable!!!
My little gangster and her Daddy! Aniston's new favorite thing is to suck on her lower lip... It's pretty cute when she does it... Spencer, not so much. But I love them both so it's okay!!!!

Good luck to those of you who are choosing to celebrate Lent this year!!! Is good luck the right thing to say? Probably not. Oh well!!! Peace out!

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