Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear Aniston... Part 1

Dear Aniston,

Someday, when you're older, you will realize how important and special your Dad is. Of course growing up you will love him. You will wait at the window for him to come home each day. You will love the piggy back rides and the ice cream he will give to you. You will think he's the greatest Dad ever! Once you're a teenager you will probably despise him. You will despise how he interrogates every one of your dates. You will despise him for making you change your outfit a thousand times until he finds it suitable. But once you're older, you will love him again. You will love how he will become one of your best friends. You will love how he will be there for you and give you the honest advice no matter what! Your Dad is an AMAZING Dad! I know sometimes that he gets upset with you, but it's only because he is still learning. Sometimes when I walk into the room I see him reading his favorite childhood book to you, or playing with you, or even sleeping with you. And it is in those moments when even I can feel the love that he has for you! Just remember little girl, you're Dad loves you no matter what!

Love - Your Mom

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