Thursday, February 7, 2013

DAY 515... Senior Shenanigans

Last night was Senior night! I cannot believe that I have almost lived in Rexburg and coached at Madison for an entire year!!! Seriously, where does the stinking time go?
Look at those cute senior girls!!! They are seriously so much fun and such hard workers! I love that we pretty much just spend most of our time at practice or games just laughing! They are the BEST! Can we just talk about how we didn't even realize that the boys photo bombed our picture. They came up to me to ask to see the picture just to make sure that they were actually in it. Super cool kids!

The game last night was a little more exciting then I think anyone thought it would be. Besides actually beating a team that we have not beaten yet this year, we had a little senior prank action in the Madison High School gym. As soon as the flag had been raised up into it's little holder thing, another flag fell in it's place...

My favorite things about this prank were:

1. They drew a picture of a donkey to make it more of a play on words.
2. They could have died getting that flag up there in the first place. Seriously look at those beams!

Seriously these kids have no fear! The beams that they had to climb up and walk on to even get this flag up there in the first place are insanely small and super dangerous! But let's be honest... they obviously didn't think things through because this school has camera's everywhere!!!! As far as senior pranks go I think it was a pretty decent one. No one got hurt, which is a major plus side, and even though the language wasn't awesome, they did draw a donkey to lessen the blow. They did succeed in delaying the game about 20 minutes and that gave us time to take some pictures to capture the moment!
 One with the seniors...
And one with the juniors... Do you like how you can see the guy in the background taking it down??? Haha!

It was a fun night!!! Thanks girls for making me laugh and making my first year at Madison such a good one!!!
PS - Can we also talk about how much the judges at our last competition loved our uniforms!!! They actually wrote it on our score sheets so that we would know! So many people gave us compliments on them! So sharp looking! Love those uniforms!!!!

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