Monday, February 11, 2013

Things I Love... Take 2

I have decided to share some more of my favorite things!!! Now, I'm probably one of those people who uses the word "love" too much, but there are just so many cool things in the world that I just cannot seem to get enough of! So here are 4 of my new favorite things!!!!

Puffs with Lotion & Vicks. Why have I never used or even seen these before? We have been quite sick here in the Ahlstrom household. Lots of runny noses, yucky coughs, and naps. Lots and lots of naps! But let's be honest, there is absolutely nothing worse then when that space between your nose and your upper lip gets red and dry and burns with every wipe of the nose! These tissues are not only insanely soft and smooth because of the added lotion, but with that touch of Vicks they bring instant relief. Granted it's only temporary, but it is HEAVENLY!!! If you are stuffy and runny, don't even think twice about running to the store and picking up these babies! You will not regret it!

iPhone 5. Spencer and I finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and we are never looking back! We are so in LOVE with our new phones! We also switched phone company's .. After 13 long years with Tmobile (I have been with them since they were Voicestream, does even remember that they use to be called that????) but they let us down one too many times. I would never suggest anyone using Tmobile, but that's my opinion. But let's be honest... I am always right. Anyway these phones are AWESOME! They are clean and easy and sharp! I'm not having any trouble adjusting because I actually used my iPod more than my old phone, so I already know my way around the appleness of this phone. The camera is amazing and I just cannot say enough about how great this phone is. PS - If your super cute baby is so the wallpaper on your phone, then you are just not cool.... Plus this makes it really easy to show her off to people when they ask about her.

Aniston's Little Ponytail. Okay so this isn't something you can buy, but I am in love with it and cannot get over how cute this tiny ponytail is! Plus I really just needed to post pictures of Aniston. I always wondered about what kind of hair she would have or if she would have any at all. My niece Cortney didn't really get hair until she was like 18 months old, and even though Spencer and I were both born with plenty of hair, you just never know. But it's coming in thick and it's getting long!!! Cutest. Baby. Ever!!!
 Ani Kate had just gotten in trouble for pulling Mom's hair (her favorite thing to do) so she was feeling a little ashamed. Possibly the cutest picture ever!
 Ani came and helped decorate for the Sweethart's dance at the high school Saturday morning and she discovered a LOVE for balloons!
All bundled up and ready to go outside! Look at that little curl!!! So cute!

It Works Body Wraps. Okay so I'm just going to make this short and sweet because I am going to do a much larger post about this in the future. Spencer's cousin introduced us to this system and so far so good. I am drinking close to 2 gallons of water a day so I have to pee like all of the time, but I am seeing results. Typically you don't see the maximum results until 72 hours after using the wraps, but I'm sitting somewhere between 24 and 48 hours and already I've lost 4 inches around my waist. Kind of crazy! But kind of cool. It's really the lazy man's weight loss. But it just comes down to the fact that I don't have enough time in the day to get in everything I need. After cheer state I should be good to dedicate more time to myself, but that's not for another month so this will work for now.

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