Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DAY 1641... 5 Years

Graduating high school.
Going to Prom.
Getting a job.
Going to college.
Getting a college degree.
Getting married.
Having children.
Being happy.
All things that I thought were impossible at some point in my life.
But now,
they have all happened and I get to celebrate my 5 year anniversary with my husband.

We were married at 8am on 9/10/11 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.
That had a lot to do with my weird thing I have about numbers.
It was an amazing day.
A day that I truly thought would never happen.
But here we are,
5 years later,
and it's amazing!

Marriage is really difficult at times.
It is even harder when you find out your pregnant on your 2 month anniversary.
Spencer and I were both 25 when we got married,
and so we were both kind of set in our ways,
we were both incredibly stubborn,
and we both are very opinionated.
We didn't really have an opportunity to get to know each other as a married couple before I got pregnant and very sick.
That has always been a challenge for us,
and even though it's been rocky at points,
we have both worked incredibly hard to push our differences aside and to make our marriage work.

I can be very difficult,
but somehow Spencer sticks with me.
I totally blame myself for any and all marital issues within our marriage, 
but there really aren't a lot.

I feel so blessed with this little family of mine.
It is truly everything that I have ever wanted plus so much more!

Happy 5th anniversary Spencer!
I love you!

The best thing about this picture?
Spencer was the one that we recreate it!

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