Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everything You Missed... August 2016 Edition

yI'm super bummed that summer is over.
I feel like we didn't get to do anything that I had planned.
People assume that because we manage apartments and there is no school for 7 weeks,
that we have that time off.
Totally opposite!
It's completely exhausting!
It gets to the point where you count down the days until all the students come back.

I'm hoping to be able to get out and do a lot of things during the Saturday's in September before the weather turns.

When Harry Potter came out,
I was 11,
just like Harry.
But knowing Harry as a Dad is THE BEST THING EVER!!!
I read the book in 2 hours and bawled my eyes out for most of it!

Benson worships Aniston and wants to always do whatever she is doing!
I love it!

Aniston had her 4 year old appointment!

She was not happy when I told her she would be getting shots...

USA Pride!
Love the Olympics!

She had no idea what she was doing...
It was hilarious!

Benson LOVES to say prayers!
He reminds us at every meal to pray!
Such a sweet little spirit!

Park time,
is the BEST time!

Aniston came home from learning about the Temple at primary in church,
and she turned to me and said,
"Mom, my scar makes me special, just like the temple!"

I have no idea what is happening right now.

The love these two have for each other is AMAZING!

Fun in Utah!

My Aunt Julie is seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever met!
Everyone needs a Julie in their life!

Always asking for me to take her picture...

Benson totally would've rocked the 50's diner experience.

If you ever visit Ashton, ID,
The Frostop is a must stop!

My apple watch keeps me motivated!

I was trying to sneak out for a run,
but this little lady woke up super early and wanted to snuggle.

Burritos every day!

I literally vomited in my mouth at the smell of the Mexican corn,
but Spencer and Benson LOVED it!

Trying to get better at doing Ani's hair.

Still 14 years away buddy...

These two are my favorite!

Rain boots and shorts!

 Aniston found a "new" game in Nana's classroom.

Benson's new smile...

After bath hair.

Benson has been climbing out of bed and falling asleep in random places.
His favorite...
His tee pee.

Trying to teach brother peace.

 Buttering up brother for a bite of his cookie.

Mom's night in.
The OC,
chocolate milk,
and flavor blasted goldfish.
Living on the edge.

Benson will hug anything.
Living or not.

Parenting is the BEST!

She loves to draw our little family!

Enjoying the final days of summer.

Aniston is convince these horrible women are the same people...

Doing manly work.

Floating down the river.
Always buy the 2 person tube!


Last carousel ride of the year.

Splash Park fun.

Stealing Nana's glasses.

Aniston LOVES Potter Pals.
Benson does not.
He also HATES Fantasta!

I recorded this for a Church lesson.
She is hilarious!

Road trips are rough on the kids.
They live for rest stops!

The Olympics were a BIG hit at our House!
USA - all the way!

We are pretty competitive.

He tries so hard!

Here's to hoping for a more relaxing September!!!

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