Sunday, September 4, 2016

DAY 1631... Pre-K

Aniston has started Pre-K!!!

It has been a long summer waiting for school to start.
Everyday she asked me,
at least once,
"Do I go to school today?"

it was time!

We kept up with the traditions that we had started last year.

We went school clothes shopping of course!
Our back to school feast occurred the night before school started and featured tacos.

We chose our family theme for the school year.

We had back to school blessings.

Aniston chose a special treat the night before.

We had Papa Murphy's for dinner on the first day of school.
And don't forget about our back to school pictures!

I cannot believe how much Aniston has grown since school started last year!
She has grown in every way possible!
She is smarter.
She talks more.
She is friendlier.
She is bigger physically.
She just gets more and more amazing every year.
Every day actually!

and she is definitely more sassy.

By the way,
this may be my most favorite picture of her ever!
This will be the picture I submit to the yearbook her senior year of high school for sure.
She posed like this all by herself.
Do I pose like that?
Where did she learn this?

We LOVE Aniston's school!
I cannot say that enough!
She teacher loves teaching,
and loves teaching this age and it shows!

Every year on the first day of school,
she dresses like Snow White.

Aniston was so excited to see Ms. Kari as Snow White again.

Benson also loved Aniston's school.
He loved the 2 hours of "only child" status.

I'm so excited for Aniston to start Pre-K!

I cannot believe that next year she will be in kindergarten.
Times goes by way to fast and it makes things a little bit difficult for this sappy mom.

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