Thursday, August 25, 2016

DAY 1617... Girl's Camp

I had the opportunity to attend Girl's Camp with my church this year.
Girl's Camp is a week long camp for girls ages 12-18.
The leaders of those organizations in each ward are also invited which is why I was able to go.

When I was younger I didn't always have the best experiences at Girl's Camp.
My bestie and I were pretty rebellious,
and I only made it through 3 years before I got caught up in high school activities,
and those of course took priority in my life.
But the years I did attend,
were full of destroying our camp shirts,
pole dancing on the flag pole,
and a whole lot of ridiculous nonsense.
of course at the time,
we thought was super cool.

Going to camp as a leader was a much different experience.
It was so much better!

I only want to share one moment that really touched me,
and that I never want to forget.

The leaders over the entire camp showed this video:

Then we were given personal time to write in our journals and study our scriptures.

I had heard the story of the Candy Bomber before,
and it is an amazing story.
But when I first heard it I was in a different place in my life and it didn't touch me as it did this time.

At the end of our personal study,
the song "Geronimo" started playing super loud.
I looked at the other leaders and we were kind of confused.
It was a super irreverent way to end scripture study,
and totally took away from the moment.

But then we heard a loud noise above us.
As we looked up we saw a small plane waving it's wings just like the candy bomber.
200 young women and their leaders ran out the field and watched as hundreds of little parachutes with candy attached were thrown out of the small plane.

I couldn't even try to contain my emotions,
and I cried so hard!
I don't even know why.
I'm still crying as I write this.
It was a very emotional and touching experience that really just brought us closer to that story and the effect that it must have had on those children.

As we asked the girls about their favorite part of camp,
many of them said it was the candy bomber.

I loved the experience of revisiting Girl's Camp and having the opportunity to change my opinion about it.
Aniston is already really excited about it and she still has 8 more year to wait.

I know I've been pretty absent lately,
and there's a lot to that,
and hopefully I will find the strength to blog about it soon.
But know that I feel incredibly blessed in my life right now,
and I know that the Lord truly loves me.

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