Friday, September 30, 2016

DAY 1658... Star Valley Wyoming Temple

Every time we drive past a temple,
who is 4,
has a difficult time understanding why she cannot go inside yet.
She has wanted to go inside the temple for years and she asks constantly about going inside.

It's hard to explain to her why she needs to wait,
and the importance of the Temple because she is so young.
But as a mother,
if I can make a dream come true,
than I will certainly do that.

We had tried to attend several temple open houses in the past,
but craziness always overcame us and it never worked out.

So when I saw that the Star Valley Wyoming temple was having an open house,
I knew we had to go.

The drive was insanely gorgeous!
There is a reason that Fall is my favorite season.
It's breathtaking!

It was only 2 hours away,
but sometimes 2 hours with kids in a car can seem like a lifetime!
I feel blessed that my children are AMAZING at entertaining one another.

The temple is very small,
but beautiful.

Aniston was pretty excited about the bus ride from the Stake Center to the Temple.
My kids have this thing for buses.

Aniston also got a little upset with people who were using their regular voices because we had talked a lot about how we should whisper in the temple.

There was never a moment so magical or spiritual as standing in the celestial room with my family.
I know that my own family (Mom, Dad, Siblings),
have never all been in the temple together like that.
It was a rare and beautiful opportunity.

I feel so blessed to know that families can be together forever.
There are days where that definitely feels like a curse,
but I cannot imagine my lief without my family.
They are the very best part of me and they are amazing.

Temples have recently become a very special place to me.
I have attended the temple since I was 12,
but without thought or feeling mostly.
I'm not afraid to admit that because while admitting that I am also admitting the new found strength and encouragement and blessings that I have found by attending the temple.

Families can be together forever,
and the temple is the place that makes that possible.

I hope that Aniston keeps her love and her desire to attend the temple alive throughout her life.
I hope that I can set an example for her of how regular and faithful temple attendance can bless your life.

To learn more about temples and how families can be together forever click HERE.

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