Wednesday, December 30, 2015

DAY 1569... Christmas

I really struggled with Christmas this year.
I am not sure why.
I had a really hard time finding joy and happiness in the season,
and it was not much fun for me.
I am just not in a good place right now mentally and emotionally and that makes,
even the most exciting and joyous times,
really rough.

I did find joy in my children and their Christmas experiences.
This was by far the BEST Christmas for Aniston.
She loved unwrapping gifts and checking her stocking.

She loved helping Benson open his gifts as well.
Benson could care less.
He just wanted to play with the wrapping paper of course.

And yes...
Santa did bring our 1 year old Benny a present for ages 2+.
He loves it!

My biggest regret is not recording Aniston opening her Minnie Mouse roller skates.
It was epic.
At least I got photos of her excitement.

What's Christmas without a little Jedi action in the middle of opening presents?
The light sabers definitely were,
and continue to be,
quite the hit in our house.

I think the best part of my Christmas though,
was talking to my brother Jake,
who is currently serving a 2 year mission in Scotland.
(You can read his weekly letters home here.)

We were able to talk to him for about 90 minutes.
It's kind of a big deal,
because although he writes to us every week,
we only get to Skype with him twice a year.
Mother's Day and Christmas.
Those are the best days of the year!

He is 9 months into his mission already,
which means there's 15 more months to go.

He seems so happy and excited about the work he is doing.
I love his excitement.
It's totally contagious!

Christmas night we braved the crowds and headed out to see Star Wars...
for the second time.

I could honestly watch it again and again.

I'm a little obsessed with how into Star Wars Aniston has become.
Every day we do her hair in another Star Wars hairstyle.

Let's be honest though. 
I did whip out the Leia braids to attend my first showing of the new Star Wars...

Like mother like daughter.

Aniston also demands to be called Queen Amidala.
Not sure how well that will go over once she heads back to school.

You'll notice that Santa gifted her with a red light saber.
That was no mistake.
He chose that color specifically for her.

Since we often call Benson, Benny or Ben,
we have now officially nicknamed him Obi.
They're my Obi and Ani.
Get it????
As in Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.
Total nerd.

Our Christmas in Idaho was definitely white and beautiful.
for whatever reason,
has not learned how to correctly plow their roads yet though.
They like to put down rock,
which does nothing except ruin your car,
as opposed to actually plowing like every other city in America.
Not cool.
It did not make going to my parents house to talk to Jake very easy,
and they only live 9 minutes away.

I quickly took the Christmas Tree down the day following Christmas.
Benson is a nightmare when it comes to Christmas Trees.

I hope that next year,
I will be able to feel more present and involved and happy with Christmas.
It is an amazing time of the year and it is so magical.
I would like to be a part of that next year for sure.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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