Monday, December 14, 2015

5 Reasons Why... Technology Is Making Our Children Impatient

I remember while I was growing up, that my parents always talked about how different things were at that time as opposed to when they were growing up.
I remember thinking it was a little obnoxious.
I do the same thing.
I cannot believe how different things are in the world.

I mean when I was little,
like 10,
we could go trick or treating around the entire city,
without adult supervision.
Not so much.

I have noticed that many of the things that have changed,
may make my children,
and the future generation,
a little less patient.
Especially when it comes to technology.

These are my reasons...


So I know that texting has been around for a while now,
but I never texted in high school.
We used our phones for playing snake and phone calls.
That was it.
Texting wasn't a thing yet.
The closest we came to texting was typing notes on our graphing calculators.
I graduated high school in 2004.
We use to legit write notes to each other,
fold them up something fierce,
and put them in each others lockers,
or we wrote e-mails,
or we straight up spoke face to face.
Now people just send a text,
and assume,
that it's read immediately.
if people don't disable it,
you can actually see when they have read your message.
People usually respond fairly quickly.
Gone are the days of waiting for a note as a response,
or an e-mail,
or the anxiety of speaking face to face.
Texting has made communication just a little bit quicker,
and less confrontational.
And has definitely made us all a little impatient.
How often do we send a text and get super annoyed when it's not immediately responded to?


My children will never have the experience of going to the movie theater 6 hours before a midnight showing of Harry Potter just to save your seat.
They will never spend that 6 hours sitting next to a middle aged man,
wearing a robe,
holding a wand,
and practicing spells for 6 hours.
They will never experience that amusement,
and fear.
they can buy their movie tickets,
on line,
pick their seats,
and show up seconds before the movie starts,
guaranteed the seat of their choosing.
This totally blows my mind!
It can also somewhat takes away the fun of the experience.
But it can make things a little rough when you go to the cheap theater and you do have to show up early because they don't offer assigned seating.
I don't mind really,
because people watching just happens to be one of my favorite things,
but assigned seating just makes it a little harder for kids to be patient when that's not an option.

3. DVD'S

My children will never know the agonizing pain of waiting for a movie to rewind.
My 3 year old just about dies when we have to wait for Netflix to load.
Instead of fast-forwarding the movie to a certain part,
hoping you don't miss it,
we can easily pick a scene to skip to.
You can easily take DVD's and watch them in your car.
Whether you a DVD player in your car (what),
a portable DVD player,
or a laptop.
It's all great and fun,
especially when you can keep the kids happy,
but what happens when that's not an option?
The kids freak!!!
They become so impatient and upset.


I remember at one of my senior proms (I went to 2),
my Dad let me take his digital camera.
You know the brick that weighed 4lbs and that you could probably seriously hurt someone if you threw it at them?
It was life changing!
I LOVE taking pictures!
I take pictures of anything and everything!
I grew up taking pictures,
without seeing them,
and going to Safeway to have them developed.
I had to wait days to get them back,
and I had to pay for them without seeing them!
That's crazy now!
Every time I take pictures of my children,
they want to see them immediately.
It's amazing!
I love it!
I find that I'm less disappointed in pictures,
but at the same time there's an instant frustration when a picture doesn't quite turn out right.
But my 3 year old demands to see the picture the instant it's taken.
It just blows my mind that that is a possibility.
I find myself even needing to see them ASAP.
So much impatience when it comes to seeing my pictures immediately!


I remember the days when you had to wait for a show to be on scheduled TV in order to see it.
Now we can record shows that we can't watch that moment to watch later.
We can turn on our computers or tablet and watch On-Demand whenever we please.
We no long have to demonstrate patience when it comes to watching TV.
Before we moved to our current home,
we had TIVO.
Aniston knew that she could ask me to watch a certain show that I recorded and she could watch it.
That became a problem when those shows were no longer available On-Demand for her.
Needless to say,
half of my apps on my iPad are On-Demand apps.
It's amazing that we can watch pretty much whatever we want whenever we want.

Technology is totally spoiling our children and seriously making them way more impatient and demanding than ever.
The crappy part is...
I love my technology!
Time to learn to manage my technology in the best way possible that will help my children become successful members of society and not the demanding,
always the exception
generation that we are constantly seeing pop up in today's society.

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