Friday, December 11, 2015

DAY 1539... Benson Turns 1!!!

*** I am sorry about the lack of posting. There is a lot going on in my life right now and unfortunately, it doesn't leave much time, energy or effort for blogging. I am trying to get back on track***
Benson is 1!!!
I cannot believe that a year has passed.
And we totally survived another first year with an Ahlstrom baby!

Benson loves
The Isty Bisty Spider,
Stuffed animals,
and he LOVES his sister.

Benson is crawling like crazy,
standing and walking along the furniture,
and still clapping up a storm.

I really feel like the first birthday party is so much more for the parents than for the baby.
Keeping a baby alive and healthy and happy is hard work!
Especially when you're a mom who is terrified of SIDS,
and every other possibility of death.
I probably Google a little too much.
I Google way too much!

Benson is such an AMAZING baby!
Having a second child is crazy!
You think you know everything.
You think that you have it all down
after all,
you have already had one and so you are an expert.
But every baby is so different.
It's really like starting all over again.


Benson refused to take any 1 year old pictures,
except those involving cake.
Oh well.

Since Benson was born,
I knew that I wanted to throw him a construction themed birthday party.
It was cute.
Nothing fancy.
We also turned it into a surprise party for my Dad whose birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year.
We decided to have it in the lounge of the apartment complex we manage because we have a pool table, a ping pong table and a Foosball table.
A little something for everyone.

I think my favorite part about it was the cake Spencer and I whipped up the night before.

Seriously, it only took us 20 minutes!
Every cake should be a cake that looks like it's dirt.
So easy!

I also loved the nacho bar.

It was perfect because my sister and her family came into town earlier that day,
for Thanksgiving,
and they were able to be here.
Love it!
My kids are obsessed with their cousin Cortney!

Aniston just learned all about "cheers",
so needless to say, she's obsessed.
Please note our sweet party hats.

Benson had a great first birthday!
I cannot wait to see who he becomes and where he is at when he turns 2!

Our birthday boys!!!

It has been a great year!

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