Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Everything You Didn't See... November 2015 Edition

November was such a fun month for us! 
Here are all of our unseen moments from November!

I love catching moments between my babies like this! 
So Sweet!

Our Taco Bell had a fire and was closed for 15 days!
15 DAYS!
It was awful!
Every time when I would pick Ani up from preschool,
we drove by to see if it was open.
On this particular day,
it was not.
My little dinosaur was pretty mad about it.
I love her mad face!

This girl loves her gymnastics class!
And this momma loves watching her!

We didn't even cut open our pumpkins until the 2nd week of November.
Parenting fail.
Aniston still had a blast though.

This girl has wanted to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas 
Every. Single. Night.
Before going to bed.
Usually this is how I find her about 10 minutes in.

So happy with Nana at Mary Poppins!

Keep in mind that it was like 10:30 at night when we took this,
Ani had just sat through a 4 hour musical,
She was a little sassy.

Both kids had the croup.
Both kids got steroid shots.
Both kids only wanted Dad.

Benson is totally into cuddling.
Especially with sister's Snow White bear.

Our friends came over and taught us how to make sushi.
It tasted AMAZING

My Mom's nativity scene cracks me up!
All she has left is Mary, the Shepard boy and baby Jesus.
Santa needs to bring her a new one.

Ani could eat snow all day long!

Another Nightmare Before Christmas snooze fest!
You're never too old for a boppy.

Pretty sure I spent half of November sick!
Daily ritual.

Uncle Jake, 
who is currently serving a mission in Scotland,
bought himself a kilt.
Oh la la.

Benson and Daddy pre-haircut.

The happiest 1 year old around!

We start the workout days young.
Benson was bench pressing like a boss!

Thanksgiving beauties!

Ryan really wanted to sit by Jake at Thanksgiving.
Please tell me other families do this as well...

Benson rocked the Prince George to Thanksgiving dinner.
We forgot his binkie and all Nana had was a pink one.
Don't worry...
He is totally secure in his manhood.

Aniston was beyond thrilled to use the fancy cups this Thanksgiving.
It was the first time for her!
Eggnog never tasted better.

I loved listening to what Aniston was thankful for.
So cute.
So simple.
All food...
Proud Mama.

Oldest and youngest!

Benson is pretty much an expert at giving you crusty looks and making you feel really dumb when you're trying to cheer him up.
It may have also been because he was exhausted.

While cleaning the church,
Aniston discovered a tiny potty and a tiny sink.
Needless to say, she went to the bathroom 5 or 6 times in an hour.

Ryan was maximizing his cleaning efforts.

3 sibling selfie!

Sometimes when your 3 year old wants to build a snowman.
But after 3 seconds decides it's too cold.
So her cousin and uncle build this sweet gem...

I just love my mom!

Benson seriously loves his doctor!
Anyone else have such an amazing pediatrician that you never want to move?

Car rides with sleepy Ani are the best!

Sleepy time cuddles with Dad.

Benson found this Lamb Chop (major childhood flashback) toy in the puppy aisle...
he was OBSESSED!

Benson loves to jump off the fridge.
Our little daredevil.

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make us laugh.

I didn't even know that she knew what California was.
I have been watching the O.C. lately so maybe the theme song taught her something...

So cute!
I love little milestones!

Hope November was as amazing for you as it was for us!

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