Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Everything You Didn't See... October 2015 Edition

October was a super busy month for us!

Both Benson and Aniston are obsessed with this blue dog. I probably should find one and buy it for them sometime.

Aniston thought it would be funny if she sat in brother's walker. 
Then she got stuck...

Aniston found this little baton at Walmart and proceeded to walk around the store using it as a cane.

We love getting dressed for preschool!

Aniston's latest obsession includes wearing all of Mom's shoes! 
All the time!

Aniston's first Build a Bear experience was a HUGE success!

Don't even worry... We totally bought this hat for him. 
Too cute to say no.

Aniston and Benson LOVE spending time with their Grandpa and Grandma in Utah!

I thought it would be cute to take pictures of Benson with leaves...
Then he ate every leaf he could get his hands on.
Parent fail.

My little rockstar!

 We went to Aniston's, Benson's and Spencer's very first hibachi restaurant. 
It was awesome!
Benson became super obsessed with rice at this dining experience.

Despite what this may look like, Aniston sure does love baby Romy!

Benson on the other hand was not so sure what to think.

 Aniston sometimes cannot grasp the idea that Mom has to work.
I think having my office attached to the apartment makes things harder.
Most days Aniston and Snow White bear spend a lot of time just staring at me waiting for work to en so that we can play.

Aniston got super sick!
It was the worst!

The only thing that made her feel better was painting her nails!
Such a girl!

Benson started crawling,
and now my floor is constantly covered in Cheerios and toys!

I'm a little bit worried about his posture...

I paused Back to the Future 2 during the time when it showed the date.

Aniston loves reading me and Benny the Tickle Monster book.
She is the BEST tickle monster!

I find the similarity between Danny Zuko and Benny in regards to hair AMAZING!

Benson is loving the fact that he is standing and learning to walk along the furniture.

We had a BLAST at the Straw Maze!

Every time I wear overalls,
Benson becomes instantly attached to me and does not let go.

We hit up the Drive In one last time before it closed for the season.
We were so excited for Pan, but guys...
It was AWFUL!!!

These people are my happy thought!

We love the 3 generation Trick or Treating tradition that we have.

All that glitter from Aniston's costume...
My bad!

Halloween was FREEZING!!

Aniston was obsessed with this slightly creepy 70's version of Minnie and Mickey.

To say that we're excited for the new Star Wars is probably an understatement.

Ani loved the big Tink during Trick or Treating!

Our new Halloween tradition!

Aniston is by far, Benson's biggest cheerleader!

Speaking of cheerleader...

Ani has started doing this dance,
her "poop" dance everywhere!!!
I cannot wait to show her future boyfriends this footage!

These two together are my FAVORITE!

October is definitely one of my favorite months!
I can't wait to see what November will bring!

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