Friday, November 20, 2015

5 Reasons Why... I Will Not Be Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday used to be something magical to me.
When I was younger it seemed like the coolest thing ever to get up super early,
stand outside in the freezing cold for hours,
and fight and race against people just to get something for a discounted price.
It was like a day of games.

Then I grew up.
I made a family,
And my priorities shifted.

Here are 5 reason why I will not be going shopping on Black Friday.

1. Sleep is treasured and oh so valuable.
I cannot figure why,
For the life of me,
especially someone with children,
would want to wake up hours earlier than they need to in order stand in a line
For hours
In the freezing cold.
Sleep is way more valuable to me than waking up early and hoping that I get what I set out for.
            There is absolutely no guarantee that you will get what you actually are hoping for,
      And that would make me super grumpy if….
a)      I had to wake up hours before the sun would rise
b)      Stand in the freezing cold for hours (I am so not a cold weather kind of girl)
c)      Didn’t get what I set out to buy
d)     I went into debt for “stuff”
      Even Taco Bell wouldn’t be able to cure the kind of mood that would put me in.
      That mood alone is just not worth it to me.
      I know that people often come home after their adventures and take naps,
      But I would rather sleep like normal,
      Wake up like normal,
      And have a wonderfully,
Not exhausted day,
      With my beautiful family!

2. It is totally against the Christmas Spirit.
Christmas is about Christ.
Presents are fun and the traditions and celebrations we have are amazing,
But fighting one another for gifts,
seriously I can't believe that people die during Black Friday shopping,
And going into debt,
Is not what Christmas is all about.
Spencer and I have decided to scale back Christmas this year and focus on what the holiday is all about.
We want to teach our Children about service and giving and love and of course Christ.
As opposed to what Black Friday is all about…
And presents.
My children will still receive presents,
We will still watch all the great Christmas movies,
We will have a Christmas Tree,
We will wear Christmas jammies,
We will still visit Santa,
But we will not dwell on the temporal gifts and meanings that have overtaken Christmas.
We will strive to remember the reason for the season,
And we will do our best to focus on Christ and his gifts to us this year.
Black Friday just doesn't scream Christmas Spirit to me.

3. Holidays are for families.
I support,
heavily support,
companies like REI,
Who are choosing not to be open on Black Friday,
Yet are still paying their employees for a full day’s work.
Holidays are meant to be spent with family,
Not with angry shoppers,
Most of who do not have respect for the workers,
Or the stores,
Or others around them.
Black Friday is one of the most selfish days of the year,
In my opinion of course.
I have worked retail and I have worked Black Friday before.
People get angry and they take it out on the workers,
Even though it’s generally not the workers fault.
We were at Walmart the other day and overheard some of the workers talking about their work schedules on Thanksgiving.
Working on Thanksgiving?
Black Friday has extended into Thanksgiving,
Tearing away workers from their families to make money.
That is so sad to me.
Incredibly sad.
Why have we become so greedy?
To me,
  Family is everything.
   The gifts won’t last,
            The kids will like the boxes and wrapping paper more than they like the toys,
            But the memories that we build and make with our families during the holidays will last forever.
            I never want to take away the opportunities to make family memories,
            And I’m definitely not willing to do it in the name of Black Friday.

4. The Internet.
Stores all offer the same special Black Friday deals online.
You don’t even have to leave your house,
Get out of your jammies,
Or take valuable family time away.
Cyber Monday is also another day you can do shopping online.
You might not have in your possession the items you have purchased,
But you will get them by the time you need them.
One reason I love this option is that it doesn't take you away from home.
Another reason is that it doesn't take place on, or the day after a major holiday.
Cyber Monday at least doesn't.
The going into debt issue,
still applies here,
but let's be honest,
managing debt is a whole conversation in itself.
One that I am frankly, not willing or wanting to go into at this time.

5. I have already completed my Christmas shopping.
I have found it much more enjoyable,
And way less stressful
To shop throughout the year for my children and husband.
It can be a little more risky,
Because what if Aniston no long likes what I had bought for her,
Or what if I forgot where I hid the presents?
But I feel no stress about Christmas,
And that’s the way that it is supposed to be.

To shop or not to shop on Black Friday shopping is definitely a choice we all make.
It’s a decision and even a tradition for many people.
I choose to avoid it at all costs for my own reasons.

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