Monday, November 16, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude... Days 9-15

I am seriously having the best time counting my blessings every day!


I am thankful for friends who have lived in the UK and have extra teething gel that isn't sold here in the US because of its strength. Holy moly guys! It's the only thing that will work on my little guy. He is the WORST teether! But this friend felt my pain and came to my aid and I am so so thankful! 

DAY 10

I am thankful for technology. Since he has become mobile, Benson has had a much harder time staying content and happy during Aniston's dance and gymnastics class. Last week he spent it screaming because I wouldn't let him crawl down the stairs. He can't do stairs. So basically he was crying because I wouldn't let him hurt himself. So this week I came prepared with his favorite YouTube channel (yes, my 11 month old has a favorite YouTube channel) and headphones and it worked like a charm! Technology really helps a mom out sometimes.

DAY 11

I am thankful for good sleepers. Spencer and I have really been blessed with good sleepers. Aniston started sleeping through the night a 2 months and we were so spoiled! Benson didn't catch on until 9 month, but for the past, almost, 3 months it has been amazing! Mom's really need sleep. I do not even know how we function sometimes on such little amount of sleep. But now that my babies are sleeping like champs every night, I get to sleep which makes everything better! HUGE blessing!

DAY 12

I am thankful for a handy husband. Since we moved into our apartment (7 months ago), the closet in our bedroom had been missing doors. It drove me crazy! It's just Spencer's closet and he keeps it fairly clean and organized, but it's also is where the dirty clothes are and it's really not something that I want people to see when they come into our room. Not that many people come into our room but still. Anyway Spencer went out and bought a door, installed it and painted it all in one day before 10am. It looks so great now!

DAY 13

I am thankful for books. I have always loved reading! When I was 10 I use to go to the library and check out 15 books. 2 days later I would go a return them, all completely read. I love reading a book and being transported to somewhere different. Reading takes away my fears and anxieties and relaxes me. I love reading to my kids. Luckily they both love books as well. I have a huge weakness when it comes to books. I could buy every book if I could. And now that Aniston gets book orders through school it's even a bigger issue. Luckily every month they have like 5 $1 books that are good books, so I definitely get my money's worth. Books are amazing and I honestly could not live without them!

DAY 14

I am thankful for small coincidences in life that make me smile. I need to smile more. I know that. But those little things that happen every day that make me smile really mean a ton! Today Spencer and Benson dressed totally identical but completely on accident. I dressed Benson and Spencer dressed himself. It was amazing and really made my day. 

DAY 15

I am thankful for the gospel. It never ceases to amaze me how no matter where I attend church it's always the same. To have the stability and consistency in life is fantastic! I love raising my children in the church and for them to be able to have the gospel in their lives. it's obviously nothing that we will force them to have in their lives, but I hope that they can see how much it has blessed their lives and that they will want to continue having it there.

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