Monday, June 30, 2014

DAY 1039... Everything Change's

There are a lot of changes going on in our lives right now. A LOT of changes.

I have never been a fan of change. It stresses me out and makes me anxious and it is just rough sometimes. Aniston is very much the same way. Lucky me. I feel like in the past year there have been so many changes in our lives, some good and some bad. I feel like this song is my theme song right now. Seriously, I listen to it in my car all the time.

I'm becoming more and more okay with changes and I want to make sure that I am raising Aniston to know that it's okay if things change. I want her to be flexible and prepared for changes in her life.

About 2 months ago our apartment flooded. Super awesome right? The landlord was out of the country and wasn't available to get a hold of... he didn't even tell us that he was leaving the country and didn't leave us with anyone else to get a hold of. It was a disaster. You could literally smell the mold forming within hours. We knew we had to get out of there ASAP. Somehow, we were extremely blessed. We found a house, not an apartment, but a 2000 square foot house, 5 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, a small yard and just a great place for our family to live. The kicker? It's only $690 a month and that includes everything including Dish and internet and we just pay the electric. This was a HUGE blessing. We are paying less at this house with much more space, than we were at our last apartment. Also the landlords are great. BONUS! It's an older house, but Spencer and I really do love the character and basically all of the space that we have!

 Kitchen... Love the green? Normally we do not have a potty in our kitchen PS.
 Living room area. Normally destroyed with toys.
 Toy room/office area. Half of the room has carpet, which is the toy room part and the other half has wood floors and that's our office area.
 The view when you walk in.
 Dining room area. It's kind of huge so we use half for our table and the other half for Aniston's kitchen and more play area for her.
The kid's room. Aniston bit a lot of the paint off her crib (which I found out is normal), so we are still planning on repainting that before we move the babe into that crib. The room is pretty big so there's still plenty of space even with the crib, Ani's big girl bed and everything else we have in there.

Don't judge our yard... we have leveled it and planted grass since, but taking care of the yard is a whole new thing for us!

So that's one change that we have experienced recently. We really love it though, so I guess it's easier to adjust to changes when it's such an upgrade and an obviously good thing for our growing family. Let me tell you though.... Out of the 4 moves Spencer and I have had in our married life together, 2 of them happened while I was pregnant and I do not find that enjoyable. It's more annoying because I can't do anything. Lame.

The next change was a new car. Our little Kia did not have enough room for 2 car seats. We struggled with one when it came to Aniston. Spencer, loves to look at new cars but car salesmen and the entire process stresses me out. We have been looking for like over a year for a new car. We finally found a great dealership here in town who helped us out and last weekend we bought a 2013 Dodge Avenger. We weren't looking for our dream car, just a car that was a good deal and would make it through the next couple of years. And with only 12,000 miles and at $10,000... we thought this car fit. So far we absolutely love it! It will be perfect for when the little dude arrives.

Aniston seems to sense that when the baby comes that there will be quite a change. She was been spending more time cuddling and just being with and playing with Spencer and I than usual. She rubs my belly every day, multiple times a day and says, "Hi baby brother. I'm excited to see you." It's cute, but I am not convinced that she completely understands what is going on. But she loves shopping for him. There are quite a few adorable clothing options for little boys! So different than shopping for girls, but still fun!

Since the baby is coming, we moved Aniston into her big girl bed so that the baby can sleep in the crib. We have decided to have the kids share a bedroom for the first little while because we have two bedrooms upstairs and I'm not ready to move Ani to a different floor than mom and dad. The baby will be in our room until we bless him and then we will move him to Ani's room. Aniston is really excited to share a room and I think it will be good. Aniston LOVES her big girl bed! PS - She is a tad bit obsessed with Minnie Mouse, thus the bedspread...

It was emotional to me to see her little self in a big bed and growing up, but she has done GREAT! She fell out once on the first night, but I bought a railing and it's all good now. She takes her naps in the big girl bed too and she refuses to get out of bed until someone comes into her room to get her. I don't think this will last, but it's wonderful for right now! She tells me every day that the crib is for baby brother. Watching my little girl grow up is tough! But I'm so proud of her and the little person she is becoming.

Aniston also started swim lessons (tear) seriously, can she just stop growing up! I was so proud of her and I just felt so proud. Being a Mom is so freaking hard. So hard. But there are multiple times a day where you just feel so rewarded and so blessed and so much in love with the child that you created! Being a mom is pretty great! I haven't even been a mom for two years yet and already it's one of my favorite things!

Look at those little arms and little legs kicking and stroking away!
I just love watching her be so happy in the water! She is such a fish!

The thing about change is that it's going to happen. It's inevitable. I want to become better at accepting and adjusting to change because I think that will only make me stronger and smarter for the future. I want to set a good example for my children when it comes to change and I want to have the confidence in myself to know that everything will be okay despite of the many changes that will come along with the ride of life.

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