Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DAY 1019... 5 Things I can Apparently Not Do Pregnant

Pregnancy is a funny thing. It's definitely an incredible thing, especially when you think about how your body spends 9 months making a human.... Kind of weird, but definitely amazing. I had heard that all pregnancies were different, and I was seriously hoping for something different after the "wonderful" pregnancy experience Aniston Kate gave me. (Insert me rolling my eyes here) And it has been different this time, thankfully. Instead of being on constant bed rest with IV's and PICC lines watching everything Netflix has to offer, I have been blessed to be fairly active and healthy. However, I have noticed that there are several things that I simply cannot do while I'm pregnant.

1. Play disc golf. This one is weird right? You would think that disc golf is a fairly low impact sport, not a big deal right? Well apparently it is. We have gotten pretty into disc golf lately and have been playing 3-4 times a week. Last week I noticed a very sharp pain in my left side, sharp to the point that when I bent down to pick up Aniston I could not stand up. I'm a HUGE worrier during pregnancy. Every time we go to the doctor I'm worried there will be no heartbeat, or that we will find a third leg, or something. I can tend to be pessimistic about stuff (trying to change) and so I tend to focus on the negative. I called the doctor and explained what was happening and what I had been doing. Turns out I'm not the only person to have this experience. Due to the twisting of the torso in disc golf combined with the ligament stretching during pregnancy that is what caused the pain. And that is what put me on bed rest for a few days. That sucked and Aniston seriously could not handle it, but I read a good book (bawled my eyes out during the entire thing of course... still highly recommend it) and rested and now I feel fine! We will just avoid disc golf for a while I guess...

2. Do dishes. I remember this problem when I was pregnant with Aniston but I feel like it's a thousand times worse this time around. I have been blessed to not dry heave at the exact same time every morning for about 20 minutes this time around as opposed to when I was pregnant with Aniston. My poor Utah cheerleaders that had to deal with my being so sick every morning.  So this morning I decided to tackle the kitchen. There was seriously hardly enough dishes for a load in the dishwasher, but I couldn't get through three dishes without throwing up. TMI? Oh well, my blog my stories. It started out just as a gag, but quickly developed into something much more. Much much more. Thank goodness that the side of the sink with the garbage disposal was empty. I absolutely hate, with an insane passion, doing the dishes while pregnant. Let me just say that Spencer has been great at doing the dishes, but he has been working extremely hard on his school work and that is more important than dishes. It's the same thing with cooking. Combining foods, it's just not okay while pregnant.

3. Watch absolutely anything. Everything on TV makes me cry. Everything from Master Chef, to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, to Property Brothers, and of course basically anything on TLC. Commercials are probably the worst. There is this Chevy commercial with soldiers coming home and at the very end there's this little girl who just melts my heart. I'll just show you...
Good luck not crying at that. Spencer has taken to secretly recording me while I'm watching TV because he thinks it's hilarious when I cry over such things. But really, I put myself in the place of the person on TV and I become overwhelmed with their gratitude, thankfulness, happiness, sadness, just every emotion you can possibly feel, I feel it watching TV. Basically we have had to get creative and keep busy in order to avoid watching TV.

4. Stay up past 9PM. I thought I was tired during my first pregnancy, but being pregnant with an almost 2 year old who is insanely active is C-R-A-Z-Y! Aniston has been super helpful! She is willing to go upstairs to get her diapers when we run out of them downstairs, she loves to throw garbage away, and she gives a decent foot rub. But she still has needs that I need to help her meet and I still need to parent her. By the end of the day I can hardly keep my eyes open. Aniston enjoys my tiredness I think at the end of the day because it means she gets extra long baths at night. Lucky for me Spencer goes to work from 9-12 at night so I don't feel guilty about going to bed so early. I do feel guilty sometimes because I feel as though I could be doing good work with my homework if I just managed to stay up just a few hours longer, but I'm still getting A's so it's all good. Also, sidenote, I only have 11 more weeks until I graduate with my Master's Degree!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!!

5. Not capable of making decisions regarding food. Do not ask me what I want to eat. Do not ask me what's for dinner. Do not ask me where I want to go out to eat to. Just do not ask me about food. Period. I am constantly asking Spencer what he wants for dinner, because if it's left up to me nothing is going to get made because nothing besides Gator Jacks Breakfast Burritos, puffy (they have to be puffy) Cheetos, pretzels (hard or soft, soft with a side of nacho cheese), and macaroni salad ever sounds good to me these days. I consider myself a lucky wife because Spencer is amazingly easy to please and will eat whatever I make and just be grateful about it. But now it's a curse almost because he can never tell me what he wants. I have spoiled him by just having dinner always ready for him without a thought on his part. Needless to say, dinners at our house have been interesting. as of late.

Overall this pregnancy has been much better than the last. Of course, everyone thinks that means this little fetus is a boy. Well, we will find out on Saturday!!! We are headed to Utah for the weekend and have an appointment Saturday morning to find our the gender of our little fetus. Any guesses?

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  1. I'm guessing a boy! That stinks about not being able to play much disc golf though, its way fun!