Monday, June 16, 2014

DAY 1025... Oh Boy....

Our little family spent the past weekend in Utah. While we were there we were able to go to our favorite place in the mall, the Fetal Studio, to find out the gender of our baby. Some people think that it's really weird to go to an ultrasound place in a mall, but it's run and owned by an OB and it's awesome! Maybe it's just a Utah thing. This was the same place where we found out that Aniston was a girl, and it was extra special because Spencer's Mom was able to come with us. The doctor who did my ultrasound was so nice, funny, and very supportive. I have a fear of ultrasounds. I am always terrified that they won't find a heartbeat and all of that good stuff. The amount of anxiety that I had before the appointment was insane. I basically stayed in the bathroom forever. The doctor was great at doing, if that's the correct verb to use, the ultrasound. Maybe it's just the baby... Aniston hated getting ultrasounds, she fought them from day one and it took forever to even determine her gender. But this little baby was so calm and it was very easy to determine that it is a....
 Spencer is totally over the moon and couldn't be more excited to be having a little boy! Basically, this was the best Father's Day gift ever! I am excited too of course, but scared out of my mind! I do not know how to do boys... I have a girl. I'm just so scared!

The doctor did point out that the baby has some massive lips already... looks like that will be one thing our children have in common. They get massive lips from their mom. Poor little guy was a little squished by mom's placenta.... my bad.

I feel as though there is a lot of pressure when it comes to raising boys. Boys grow up to be men and men need to be respectful and kind and loving and what if I can't do that? Luckily, he will have a great Dad and grandparents and uncles to look up to, but still I feel a lot of pressure. But I cannot wait for baby boy to wear a cute little bow tie and for Ani to wear a matching head bow. Yes, I will be one of those moms. And before we go any further, may I remind you that Spencer and I do not name our children until after they are born and we have the chance to meet them. So don't ask and don't expect a name until after our little boy has arrived. Aniston was nameless for about 24 hours. Spencer and I cannot agree on boy names anyway so that should be a super fun process.

Finding out the gender of our baby was amazing, but while we were in Utah we were also able to go to the zoo... Aniston was in HEAVEN! We went shopping, of course for boy clothes (so cute and so so tiny... we even found a cute construction onesie that is perfect is Spencer is going into Construction Management)

and spend a lot of time with Spencer's parents as well as attending Spencer's best friends baby blessing. I was able to hold the baby after the blessing and she is about 2 months old, and I suddenly forgot completely how to handle such a tiny baby! That can't be a good thing. I had forgotten how tiny babies can be and how fragile they are. I am seriously more scared about having my second baby than I ever was with Aniston. I think not knowing anything sometimes is better than already having experienced it. I know I'm capable of having another baby and starting all over, but it's a little overwhelming and scary right now. I'm really surprised I feel this way. I am scared out of my mind. Please someone tell me that it's totally normal to feel this way with your second baby!
 Aniston LOVED the train at the zoo. They recently completely remodeled the train so that it drives through an African Safari and it was amazing! Minus the Lion... Aniston has a fear of Simba so she wasn't a fan of the huge Lion that was probably like 7 feet away from us.
 So we watched this episode of Fantasy Factory one day where they had the Carl's Junior Happy Star mascot on there and since then Aniston has been obsessed with Happy Star. We don't have a Carl's Junior in Rexburg, so we decided to make her dreams come true by taking her to lunch at Carl's Junior. I have never seen a child so happy! She pointed out every Carl's Junior we passed on the drive and just would smile and laugh and say "Look, Happy Star!"
 Aniston has discovered a love for dinosaurs. She has several little "baby dinosaurs" as she calls them and she is always playing with them. So being able to play on big dinosaurs was another dream come true this weekend.
 We are a family obsessed with sunglasses...
 Aniston was a little sick all weekend, but I promise she had a blast with Grandpa!
 She definitely enjoyed being able to ride in the wheelchair with Grandpa at the zoo!
 More dinosaur happiness!
Probably the best thing I ate all weekend! It was HEAVENLY!

Spencer and I are also accepting name ideas at this time. We have already downloaded apps and looked through phone books (the old fashioned way) but we are a little overwhelmed (how many times can I use that word in one post huh) because nothing sounds right to us. Luckily we have plenty of time (kind of) to find a name.

Someone wants to be just like Mom!

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