Saturday, June 21, 2014

DAY 1030... Lazy Service

Let's talk about service. We all do it, at least in some form whether we know it or not. We do it by holding a door open for the person behind us or in bigger ways like helping with a tough yard project or even by meeting with a friend who just needs someone to talk to.

But let's be honest...

We have become lazy in our service. At least that is my observation.

We too often think that by donating whatever amount to the latest fad of "GOFUNDME" that we have served. We pay attention to the sick and the handicap or to those who have suffered a large misfortune, and I'm definitely not saying those aren't worthy causes because they are, but why are we forgetting about the people who just need help. The normal people who are doing the things that they are supposed to be doing and working hard, but still would appreciate and still need the support? These are the types of people who don't ask for it, but could use it. Spencer and I never got to go on a Honeymoon, so maybe I should set up a "GOFUNDME" account because we deserve to go on a honeymoon. That's not how it works, but that's what is happening. It's absurd! Stop buying new clothes every week or new cars or workout equipment, and spend your money more wisely where it counts. It doesn't matter what type of car you drive, or the house you live in, or what kind of shoes your 2 year old wears. Help yourself before you ask others for help. Do everything you can for yourself before you ask others to do the hard work for you. I am blown away by the laziness of our society and the attitude of well, we can't really afford it, which usually means you don't technically need it, but I am going to ask for other people to give me money so I can get it. Then people donate and consider it service. Hate to break it to you... that is not true service! Service means getting off your lazy bum and helping people.

My youngest brother had his Eagle Project today. Leading up to the project he had people asking when it was so they could help, and heaven knows my family goes to every single project they possibly can to help others. But guess who showed up? No one. I'm calling you out Rexburg, you are not what you tell everyone you are. You are not supportive or loving at all. You are only concerned about how you can benefit and if you can't then you don't help. I have seen it more than once here and I'm tired of it. Stop pretending to be perfect because you are far from it. What's the point of pretending you're interested if you're not? It's dishonest and annoying. I don't like it.

When my oldest brother did his project in Hawaii there were so many members and nonmembers alike it was crazy! I'm actually thinking there may have been more nonmembers there supporting him. People in Hawaii genuinely wanted to help. And they did. They are some of the most loving and kind people. Did I particularity want to go help this morning? Definitely not. I slept awful and didn't feel good and it was hot outside and I'm pregnant and Aniston has been somewhat of a devil child lately (terrible twos do exist) and it was inconvenient. But, I knew that it was important that I be there. I was going to get nothing from it, but it is important to support people who are doing good and honorable things, so I went. Heaven bless my little brother. If I were 15 and no one showed up to support me in such an honorable and noble cause, I would have been destroyed. I would cry myself to sleep for the next 3 weeks. I would wonder what I did wrong and why no one wanted to help me. But lucky for us, my brother is stronger than I am and knows that Rexburg has this weakness. Bless his heart! He is a good boy who will do amazing things because he is forgiving. More so than I am anyway. He will be at the next project that needs his help and he will continue to serve others even though they neglect to serve him. He won't let this get him down because he still accomplished his goals and he knows that his family will support him no matter what.

Car shows, pregnancy, crazy children, TV, homework, none of those are good excuses for not serving others. But, we are allowed accountability and everyone gets the wonderful opportunity of making their own choices in this life. Have I always made the best choices? Definitely not. But I try. That's all anybody can do is try. I'm just hoping to encourage people to get out and serve more. Think less of yourself and more about others. What happened the the Golden Rule?

My parents and my brother did not complain or even say a word today about the fact that no one showed up. They are such good people and such amazing examples to me! They are so much better then me, because I am hormonal and upset for them about this. They worked hard to put this together and they do more for everyone around them without ever asking for help. They are GOOD people, and there are few good people left in this world. I hope that they know what amazing examples they are to me and how they uplift and inspire me daily. I want to be better like them, but I have A LOT of work to do. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be blessed for their efforts in life. I'm proud to be a part of my family. Proud to be raised by parents who taught me to serve others and to uplift others and to support others despite of how they treat you. Thank you Mom and Dad for setting an example for me about the kind of person I want to become and should strive to be. I love you and I loved being a part of Ryan's Eagle project!

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