Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DAY 1026... Morbidly Obese

Morbidly obese... That's what they doctor called me at my appointment yesterday. It wasn't my usual doctor and I was already a mess because they couldn't find a heartbeat until they finally pulled out the ultrasound machine. But seriously.... Morbidly obese? Look, I know I'm not the skinniest pregnant lady ever, and I know I still had weight to lose when I got pregnant, but I also know I'm not the biggest person in the world to ever get pregnant. This pregnancy I haven't even gained as much as I did with Ani at this point, and I am definitely more active. Stupid B.M.I. Just anther reason I hate being short. Have I ever told you that my dream height is 5 foot 6 inches.... This is probably because I was massively obsessed with Sweet Valley books growing up and the twins in those books were 5'6". Haha. I'm so lame sometimes. But alas.... I am 5 foot 4 forever.

So while there is nothing I can do about my height, I guess I need to change my eating habits and be even more active? The doctor didn't tell me I needed to do anything about this issue, but I sure as heck don't want to go back to only be told again that I am endangering my unborn child because I'm too fat. Ughhhhhhh! I'm still so mad and depressed about this. You can bet that when the doctor walked out the door I burst into tears. It didn't help that we waited almost two hours at the office. There was definitely something crazy going on in that office because normally we are out and in fairly quickly. Just not an awesome appointment and apparently changes need to be made.

While considering my options and probably dwelling a little too much on being morbidly obese, it occurred to me how much being pregnant is like being on a diet and working out. Obviously, they have complete opposite results but consider it for a second....

In both instances you are basically hungry all the time, but what you can eat is extremely limited.
In both instances you have to pee all the time, either due to the amount of water you are consuming or because you have a baby bouncing on your bladder.
In both instances you are sore all the time!
In both instances you are always tired!
In both instances you live on Pinterest, either looking up the latest workouts or healthy recipes or nursery ideas and how to dress your ever growing baby bump.
In both instances your body is undergoing some serious changes.
In both instances you write everything down, either because you're pregnant and you can remember anything, or because you need to keep track of how many sit ups and lunges you did that day.
In both instances sleep is AMAZING!

Maybe it's just me but the similarities are pretty insane. 

I guess we will see what the doc says in 4 weeks, and meanwhile I will bury my depression in cuddles from Aniston ( I think she can sense that things will be changing soon because she went from a cuddle hater, to always asking to hold me) HGTV, afternoon naps, and these two good looking people...

Here's the kicker.... Because we had to wait so long, despite of my obesity, the doctor's office gave Spencer and I free large sundaes from Dairy Queen.... Call me fat then load me up with soft serve. Perfect.


  1. That's terrible to tell a pregnant lady she's morbidly obese? BMI's don't apply when you're growing a person inside of you!!! Sounds like you need a new doctor. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh!! The irony of giving you free DQ Sundaes has me blown away!!