Monday, February 2, 2015

DAY 1251... Blessing Benson

When I was pregnant with Aniston, Spencer and I both knew that we were having a girl before the doctor confirmed it. Even though we had decided that we would be super satisfied with several boys and no girls, Heavenly Father had a different idea. As we left the store in the mall where we had the gender ultrasound done (yes, these places do exist) I told Spencer I needed to tell him something. I was terrified at this point to tell my husband of only 5 months what I was feeling. Would he think I'm crazy? Would he laugh? I looked at him and said, "I am excited to have a little girl, but when the ultrasound tech said it was a girl, I had an overwhelming feeling that there is a little boy waiting to come to our family." To my surprise, Spencer said that he had the said feeling. Fast forward 3 years later, and here we are, blessing that little boy.

 It was an insane weekend! Not only did I turn 29 (what?!?!) on Saturday, but we had family coming into town and just preparing for the blessing and luncheon afterwards was just super busy. We have a tradition of doing a soup bar after the blessing, tradition in my world means that it has happened once before, which is perfect and simple and everyone just loves it! It was also perfect for the first day of February when you live in Rexburg and it's freezing! ALL - THE - TIME!

We were extremely blessed to be able to have both my parents and Spencer's parents here for the blessing. Spencer's BFF from Utah was also able to come up. 

Special occasions are always better when family is involved! I was bummed that my sister and her family couldn't be here, but she had crocheted a white blanket for Aniston to use when she was blessed, so we used it for Benson also so that we could have a piece of her with us on Benson's special day.

Spencer gave Benson a beautiful blessing and told me afterwards that Benson was smiling the entire time. Blessings are always a little scary because I'm always worried that Spencer is going to change the name on me. But he never does. He's a good man. I kind of love that. Besides Aniston being completely exhausted... Right before sacrament meeting ended she yelled, crying, "Mom, I'm just so tired!" This is her new thing. Whenever she notices that she keeps making bad choices she tells me she is tired and needs to lie down. I don't mind this. At least she understands it. She is becoming more and more like me every day! But it was pretty hilarious when it happened. There are very few children in our ward, so it's always an adventure with Aniston every week not knowing what she is going to say or do in order to entertain the young married couples who surround us.

My friend sews these adorable blessing outfits and I knew as soon as I was having a little boy that we needed one of her outfits for his blessing day. It did not disappoint. Benson looked adorable and perfect! You can find her Etsy shop here. Seriously, the outfit was PERFECTION!

It was such an amazing weekend! I am so in love with my little family and the blessings they offer me on a daily basis. It's not easy being a parent, and every single day I fail somehow. But children are so forgiving and mine are especially helpful at helping me feel loved and appreciated and they really just make my world! 

Congrats Benson Richard on your special day! 

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