Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DAY 1274... 3 Month Mark

I am in shock that my little man is already 3 months old! It's really not fair how fast babies grow. Benson is changing and growing so much every single day. I feel blessed that I am able to stay home and witness and absorb every single change and second with this little man, something that I did not have the opportunity to do with Aniston.

Benson is such a hefty and strong little guy. We're talking 14lbs hefty. He is about the same size as his 6 month old cousin. He has rolled over already, from back to belly, twice. He is trying so hard to sit up. This little boy has some serious ab power. I feel as though he is very eager to keep up with his older sister, and as much as I love the smile on his face when he sees her and how I can feel that love between them, I wish he would quit trying to grow up so fast.

He has discovered his hands and there is nothing more, besides his bottle, that he would want in his mouth. There is drool EVERYWHERE all the time!

He still is hating bath time. Whether he takes a bath in his tub or a shower with Dad, it is never a good experience.

He, like his older sister was at his age, is obsessed with Baby Mozart. He will sit and watch that no matter what is going on around him. Seriously, it is an amazing thing when Mom needs to get cleaning done. Luckily Aniston still loves it and it distracts her as well. Win-Win-Win.

He will not make eye contact with you if you are holding him, weird right. We kind of think it's hilarious. He is loving his carrier, as opposed to being in his car seat or just held and being able to see everything around him.

This boy is always smiling and is usually happy... unless he is hungry. That he gets from his Mom.

The past 3 months have been the most amazing months of my life. I feel happy and I just love having a little family and being a Mom to my beautiful children!

Aniston at 3 months compared to Benson at 3 months. Gosh they're the cutest! I am obsessed with their little ears that stick out just a tad on the top! Being a Mom is the BEST!

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