Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dear Aniston.... Part 15

Dear Aniston,

Change is inevitable. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be. I have never done well with change. I have struggled with change all of my life. I just like set schedules and organization. But I have come to learn, with time and prayer, that change is important and can bring so many unexpected blessings and opportunities that you had never even imagined could even be possible. Change can be an amazing blessing if you allow it to be.

I know that you are aware that our lives are changing and that in about 3 months one of the biggest changes that you will experience will take place. You will become a big sister. You will no longer be an only child and that change is huge! Being the oldest of 5 children, and having had been an only child for a short period of time myself, I understand the enormity of this change. You remind me daily that my belly is getting bigger and that baby brother will be here soon. I'm not sure that you know exactly what that means, but I hope that this is a change that ends up being a blessing and an easier transition than I'm told that it will be.

But expecting and preparing to receive a new baby into our home isn't the only change that I am experiencing. You are changing and growing so fast it's unbelievable! I'm not sure when you went from being a baby to being a little girl, but it has happened right before my eyes. Yesterday, I watched you take your first pony ride... well 2 pony rides actually (spoiled). We weren't sure that you were going to be able to handle it and that you might be too small to ride the pony by yourself, but we put you on the saddle and you smiled. You were beaming actually! You looked so big and so strong, but best of all you looked so happy. It was such a small and insignificant moment, but it made me so happy. My heart was happy and my world was perfect for those few minutes.

Change sometimes can make for a difficult time. It can be confusing, depressing, sad and even frustrating. Sometimes we don't understand the changes that are happening in our lives. Why do we have to move? Why did that person die? Why do they not want to be my friend anymore? Why did they say that? Why did they do that? Why did that happen? Why do I have to give up something I love? I promise I have gone through so many of these changes and I have had my heart broken, my spirit bruised and so many tears have crossed my cheeks. But I have also come to find strength in the fact that I know, without a doubt, that everything happens for a reason. I know this. It's a tough thing to come to accept, but I have had so many obvious situations in my life to prove this point, that it seems ridiculous to not believe it. You don't always know right away why something happens, but eventually you can look back and say, and sometimes this takes years, but you can look back and say, "That's why that happened." And most of the time you will be really glad that the change ever occurred.

You have shown me your strength and your incredible abilities already when it comes to dealing with change and you seem to welcome it. Let's be honest... your Dad is obviously doing something right when it comes to this. I hope that you can always be so understanding and accepting. I hope that you retain your strength and stability in change. You are a strong and beautiful little girl. There is no doubt in my mind how far you will go in this life and I couldn't be more proud or feel more blessed to be your Mom. Thank you for teaching me daily about how to be a better person and thank you for letting me be your mom.

I love you!

Love, Your Mom

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