Sunday, January 13, 2013

DAY 490... The End of an Exhausting Week

Most of us are busy. Between work life, home life, your personal life, your spiritual life, and everything in between, there's just not enough hours in the day to fit everything in and still have time for yourself! 
This week was a CRAZY one for me. Yesterday was suppose to be our first cheer competition of the season, but due to injury and illness, the other coach and I made the tough decision (seriously probably one of the hardest decisions of my coaching career if not the hardest) to not go. But preparation for this competition throughout the week was INTENSE!!! I have a hard time with people who think that cheerleading isn't a sport or that it's not tough. It is HARD!!! It is hard on your body (my knees are still not recovered), it's hard on your mind, and it's very time consuming. Competition is the only time that these girls get to do something for themselves. During the sports seasons they get the opportunity to cheer their school on and to be there for the players and crowd, but competition is all for them. The opportunity to show off their hard work to everyone... to win something for themselves, not to help bring the win for someone else. Practice leading up to competition is draining! By Friday night, when the girls put on a mini-performance for their friends and family, the girls were exhausted from head to toe... And they still rocked that performance!!! On top of a grueling week of practice, they had 2 games to cheer at, which meant I went to 4 games (both JV and Varsity). I was lucky enough to be able to bring little Ani Kate with me, she has an intense love for pom poms and basketballs, plus she just loves the cheerleaders and their Moms!!!
 Once again, this goes back to her love of anyone who gives her attention. I am so happy that Aniston has such good role models in her life. It really melts my heart when they give her so much attention and constantly compliment her. They are such a hard working group of girls!!! I cannot wait to watch them kill at competition... Trust me, you are gonna love their routines!!!!

I didn't post at all this past week, because on top of my cheer schedule, my work schedule was pretty hectic! Between the phantom pooer (I don't think that's a word... but it's a great story), my little klepto, and a new session of the program starting, I was busy busy busy. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with my family at home. Since it was a little too cold to go out. 
I'm also starting to get worried about her being around so many people with this nasty flu going around. It breaks my heart when she's sick. We did get to go to her 6 months appointment (can you believe that?!?!?) this past week and she didn't even grow 1/2 an inch, but she did gain 3 pounds. That's my chubby bunny! She is now eating 3 meals a day and 2 snacks on top of bottles. Feeding a baby is so time consuming!!!! For breakfast she eats oatmeal with fruit, then she has a snack of juice, for lunch she has a fruit (she loves applesauce and bananas) then she has more juice, and for dinner she gets a vegetable (carrots are treating her good now). She LOVES to eat!!! She also has like 4 or 5 bottles a day still. She tends to watch people eat in a pretty creepy manner... 
She is also trying to become mobile, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. 

Pretty hilarious if you ask me. Then again, I am her Mom and everything she does is pretty much hilarious!!!

This week my little brother Jason found out he has a hole in his heart and that instead of the normal number of valves in a human heart, he only has two. That has been pretty draining emotionally to deal with. I know I'm not the best sister ever, but when one of your siblings has a medical problem like this it's just scary. But he's going to be okay!!! Those of you who know him, know that he's a fighter!!! He can get through anything!!! I only dream of being as strong as he is.
PS - It's kind of cool that I coach at the same High School that he graduated from right???

Basically my life is insane! But I feel blessed to be surrounded by employees, cheerleaders, and family who support me. It's just a huge blessing. I love my life!!! It's just crazy busy... but it's good because it forces me to manage my time wisely and spend my time doing what really matters. As much as I love to blog and write, my family simply comes first. 

I hope that you all have had an AMAZING week! Make sure that you're spending your time where it matters. Help others, serve others, and make sure that you tell them that you love them!!!

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  1. That is one sweet baby! I hope the best for jason :) also, you look beautiful.