Monday, January 21, 2013

DAY 498... PS

We have been so stinking busy!!! It's a little out of control if you ask me! But don't worry, because I have been taking pictures all along the way!!!!!

PS - Did you know that Aniston is afraid of feet, only if they are wearing black socks???? Does anyone else think this insanely weird???? Nevertheless, it's hilarious!!! Yes, I am one of those parents that think the big lower lip and their child's sad face is super funny!!!! Such a cutie!!!

PS - Did you know that Aniston enjoys working out already???? Must get that from her Dad.... Basically my child thinks that she's an adult and has to do whatever the adults are doing in order to be happy.
PS - Did you know that Aniston is insanely cute every Sunday??? This is the best day to have a baby girl!!! There are so many options between dresses, tights, shoes, bracelets and hair bows!!! So many different combinations!!! I'm obsessed!!!
PS - Did you know I attended 6 basketball games last week and had a BLAST at every single one??? Those girls are seriously hilarious!!!!
PS - Did you know that Aniston is going to be a killer cheerleader when she grows up??? She's already getting in her practice every chance she can!
PS - Did you know that baby toes are a thousand times cuter when they're painted???? I finally painted Ani's toes for the first time... of course I painted mine the same colors... TWINERS... and they are ridiculously adorable!!!!
PS - Did you know that I'm a genius  We needed to hang the banana's (I just learned that they last longer when they are not directly laid on the counter... interesting) and we didn't have a banana hanger so I took a command strip hook that we had and attached it to the bottom of the cabinet  and it works like a boss!!!!
PS - Did you know that sometimes when Ani Kate is being naughty she gets to go into timeout??? Yeah, I really didn't know this either until I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room to see her there... then Spencer explained to me what was going on. HAHA!!! She actually loves it! She will just sit in the corner and talk to herself and drink her milk or juice and just love life!!!
PS - Did you know that Miss Aniston is sitting up like a boss???? It's pretty fun being able to watch  your child grow. She's basically the best thing I have ever done in my life!!!! Basically all the mess you see in the picture is seriously from like 5 minutes of her being out and up... Babies are so stinking messy!!!! Doesn't bode well with me and my OCD.

PS - Obviously I LOVE LOVE LOVE instagram!!! Follow me for more awesome pictures at jahlstrom3!!!

PS - Thanks for reading!!!!

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