Monday, January 28, 2013

DAY 505... Snow Day!!!

You know it's going to be a snow day when on your way to cheer practice at 6:30 am, you brush at least 6 inches of snow off your car and then you get stuck within 2 feet of trying to pull out of your parking spot. Thank goodness for my neighbor who was leaving for work and helped push me out of my rut  However, the deadline for a school cancellation is 6:30, and I received no phone call... seriously the school district here almost NEVER cancels school. It's pretty insane and dangerous if you ask me. Anyway, on my way home from cheer practice I got stuck too many times to count. That's what I get for living up on the hill I guess. Thank goodness that there are still decent people out there in the world who will pull over and push you on your way.
 (Not my car, but just to show you what happened over night...)

I knew that we would have to go to the store ASAP and get new windshield wiper blades when I basically drove home with my head out the drivers side window because my blades did absolutely nothing! I'm sure I looked pretty ghetto, especially in my sweet Bobcat sweats and South Fork hoodie... I know how to represent! Right before we left for the store, I got a WONDERFUL phone call!!! The kind of phone call that everybody wants!!! No work!!! A paid day off because of the snow!!! Love paid days off!!!!!! My staff was pretty happy with me after I informed them of the wonderful news!!! Let's be honest... I am the BEST BOSS EVER!!! I need that cup that Michael Scott has, you know that one that says "World's Best Boss".
(Rexburg under snow!!!)

Spencer and I bundled up little Ani Kate and took off to buy snacks (treats) for the snow day and to buy our blades. Rexburg really needs to learn to plow their roads. Not cool. When we got back home we tag teamed the snow and shoveled a spot for our car.
 (It was too bright for Spencer to even see, thus the finger)
(And we wonder why our backs hurt so badly after shoveling snow...)

Have I told you that we have a shovel in the car???? It was Spencer's idea, and let's be honest at first I thought it was retarded, but I have definitely used it on more than one occasion. I married a brilliant brilliant man! While shopping, we noticed the safety of Walmart....
Not gonna lie. I was half tempted to stand underneath one of these icicles and then sue after it fell on me. Ani is a windshield wiper blade inspector. She made sure they were the correct ones.

Great little helper!

After we got all settled back at home I demanded that we go outside to document the amount of snow... Plus Aniston hadn't taken any pictures in the snow. We got some good ones....
 This picture made me laugh so hard!!! Pretty much Aniston's favorite new thing to do!!! Such a little goof... .Also she has the longest tongue I have ever seen.... It's a bit weird.

 The snow was taller than my little babes!!!! INSANE!
 Look at all that snow!

 So stinking cute!!! My 2 favorite people ever!!!

 Haha!!! Terrifying!!!
 So high!
 Starting to get cold...
 Sooooooooooooo deep!!!
Have already gone through 2 pairs of boots today... Soaked!!!

So excited to be able to spend time with my family today!!!! I love them!!!! Hope your day is just as wonderful as mine... minus the snow!!!

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