Friday, April 8, 2016

Everything You Didn't See... March 2016 Edition

March really seemed to fly by for us!
Thank goodness!
It was my last month as a single parent and I couldn't wait for it to end!

At the same time,
I made sure to make plenty of memories with my babies!

The face.
Why is it when you put a button down shirt on a little kid they just instantly grow up?

We love our tiny dancer!

Benson is always trying to be one of the big kids!
Can't quite reach.

Light sabers and necklaces round the clock at our house!

We went to Buffalo Wind Wings when Spencer visited in March.
They gave each of the kids a tablet and assured us that they could not be broken.
Benson definitely put that tablet to the test.
it never broke.

My brother really is THE BEST uncle a kids could ask for!

I threw a surprise 17th birthday party for the world's best uncle.
We invited his friends and family and it turned out awesome!
He doesn't show emotions a lot so the surprise part was kind of not as great,
(see video below)
but it was still a great night.

This cute kid at his 15th month appointment.
Such a skinny boy.

I voted.
I wasn't thrilled about it,
but you have to vote in order to complain right?

Ani has become obsessed with Look and Find books.
I broke out my Where's Waldo collection and she was OBSESSED all day long!

My brother was James in James and the Giant Peach in the school play in February.
Ani insisted that I make him a cake in that theme.
Turned out okay...

I have never in my life seen someone eat so many bananas!
he eats like 3 a day!

My little princess rocked Fairy Tale day at preschool!

Overalls on babies, 
might be one of my most favorite things ever!

Bathtub Games.

I was doing clean checks during March Madness and I found this lovely set up in one of the apartments.
These guys are serious about their sports.

Benson watching Winnie the Pooh,
with Winnie the Pooh.

Model status.

He couldn't quite figure out what was going on with the hat,
or why it was on his head.

I got brave,
or I was really craving nachos,
and I took the kids out to eat all by myself.
I was terrified,
but they did AMAZING!
And yes,
Winnie the Pooh had his own chair at the table.
Choose your battles folks.

Sick baby,
fat belly.

She always insists that she isn't tired...
2 minutes later.

Another sick kiddo.
The flu hit us hard and fast in March.

Benson loved helping Uncle Ry put the tables away.

Aniston drew this.
It reminds me of Salad Fingers...

Women's conference with my beautiful Mama!

My parents have chickens and the different egg sizes are insane!

my 3 year old carries trash to the dumpster.
It's good for her to learn how to work.
She actually loved doing it.
So win-win-win.

Keeping this kid happy and distracted during Aniston's dance and gymnastics class takes work!
Pretzels for the win!

Aniston is DYING to play soccer.
Unfortunately they don't have soccer until you turn 5 here.
Who wants to break the bad news to her?

We should probably never own a cat because this is how Benson insists on holding our stuffed cat...

The shirtless days have begun.

Have I mentioned how amazing of an Uncle this kid is?

According to Ani,
dessert pizza is the best pizza.

I cannot get enough of his giggles!

He gets his dance moves from his Mama.

Like I said... 
The surprise reaction wasn't great.
But still a great night!

Some days,
we spend our time making music videos for our family members to pump them up!