Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DAY 1672... They Saved Me

Spencer surprised us and came home 4 days earlier than expected!
he had always expected to come home when he did,
 but had always planned on surprising me by coming home earlier than I was expecting.
But it turns out he would have come home at 11pm and that wouldn't have been a good surprise.
Pretty sure I would have shot him with my airsoft gun...
I tend to overreact at times and I scare crazy easily.
Surprise kind of ruined,
but still insanely amazing!!!
So blessed.
So happy!

I really want to express my gratitude to my family now that I am no longer playing single mom.
My family truly saved me during the 14 weeks that Spencer was gone.
They saved me!
I honestly would have not survived without them.

I was depressed.
I was anxious.
I was overwhelmed.

being a single parent is crazy hard!
Like one of the hardest things I have ever done.
Maybe I am weak,
because I couldn't do it by myself.
But I'm okay with that.
I have learned to ask for help.
Well, I have learned to ask my family for help.
And they helped me.
They saved me!

There have been multiple times in the past 24 hours,
since Spencer returned home,
that I have been shocked that I kept two crazy children alive all by myself,
and that we avoided all major disasters.
But I wasn't really all by myself.
I had my family.
And they saved me.

My Mom was constantly there for me.
She took Aniston to school for me.
She came to watch the kids when I had meetings or work to do.
She changed diapers.
She made dinners.
She bathed the kids.
She cleaned.
She always answered her phone when I needed to vent.
She always checked in on me.
She saved me!

My Dad become Benson's hero.
From the minute he woke up until the minute he went to bed he asked for "Papa."
Every time we went to their house,
as soon as we pulled up in the driveway he would start to clap his hands and yell for "Papa."
Papa made him smile when no one else could.
Papa made everything okay for him.
Papa filled the void he had from Spencer not being home.
He saved me!

My youngest brother become Aniston's bff.
And he was so good at it.
He would play with her.
He would pretend with her.
He would let her boss him around.
He showed interest in her.
Ryan filled the void that she had from Spencer being gone.
He saved me!

I could not have survived sanely without the support and love of my family for the past 14 weeks.
They never once asked me not to come over to their house.
They never once complained when I asked for help.
They never once told me I was weak.
They never once made me feel unable.

I love my family so much and feel so grateful that they lived so close during this time.
I feel so grateful that I am important enough for them to want to help me.
I feel so grateful that they are my family.

Thank you Mom and Dad and Ryan.
I could not have survived the past 14 weeks without you.
My children could not have survived the past 14 weeks without you.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you for everything.

I love you!

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