Sunday, December 28, 2014

DAY 1216... SNOW DAY

We got a TON of snow here in Rexburg the past couple of days and most of it fell overnight. Aniston was super excited to go outside and play in the snow. She just stared out the window until Spencer woke up and was able to take her outside.

Spencer and I aren't really snow people, but we would do anything for that little girl and that includes going outside in crazy amounts of snow.

Obviously someone likes pink... She was so excited to wear her snow pants and her gloves. Pretty sure she would wear them around the house all day long if I would let her.

Aniston is quite the snow bunny for sure!

 Daddy threw her into the middle of the yard and she was completely content to just sit in the snow and not move. I do not understand that... at all.

 Winter is happiness for this silly girl and I love that smile!

 So much snow!!!!

Aniston thought this was hilarious to be stuck in the snow pile. So easily entertained!

Aniston also got a kick out of being thrown into the snow by her Daddy.

We are awesome parents! In our opinion, as long as our children aren't in danger and won't be getting hurt, we figure we might as well let them do what they want. It's good to experience different things and to have fun while you can right?

Spencer does an amazing job shoveling the snow... and Aniston, of course, needed to grab her shovel and help as much as she could. Not so helpful.

I spent most of my day inside with Benson. Lots of naps and cuddles.

I absolutely loved watching Aniston play outside with her Dad!

Pretty sure this is more snow than we got all winter last year, so we could be in for quite the winter. Super fun! Yay, for Rexburg and snow. (sarcasm).

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