Saturday, December 27, 2014

DAY 1213... One Month Old

On Christmas Day Benson turned 1 month old. Not sure why this picture has a pinkish hue... He is a boy, I promise.

Seriously, we are beyond obsessed with this little man! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed! Our life as a family of 4 has just been and continues to be so amazing!

At 1 month old Benson loves tummy time, loves to eat, he is already up to 4oz at a feeding. He loves to sleep with the lights on, which isn't awesome. Seriously, when he wakes up to eat at night I turn on my bedside lamp and when he is done I turn it off so I can go back to sleep, but he will fuss once that light goes off. He really does sleep well though only waking up 2 or 3 times a night to eat and then he will mostly fall right back to sleep. Parenting is definitely different the second time around. I use to lie awake with Aniston making sure she was breathing. This round, I sleep like a rock every opportunity I get! Benson loves to listen to Aniston talk. Whenever he hears her voice he will turn his head to try to find her. He also loves to snuggle! This might be my favorite thing because Aniston was not a snugly baby and so I am just soaking that up! 

Benson is such an easy baby. He is so good and so calm. He really only cries when he is hungry. He is amazing!

I think my absolute favorite thing about the past month is how much Aniston loves her baby brother. Anytime he cries and we are in a different room, she runs to find us to tell us that "Baby Benson" is crying. Every morning when she wakes up she comes into our room looks at Benson and says, "He is such a cute little guy." She always wants to help and just love on him. I consider this a HUGE blessing! I hope that she will continue to want to be helpful and protect her little brother.

I have also loved watching Spencer with Benson. He has always wanted a little boy. Even though he absolutely loves Aniston, having a son is different. I can already tell that these two will be best friends and have so much fun together!

This past month has been completely and utterly exhausting, but the BEST month of my entire life. I am so happy. I remember a time in my life where I just hated every second of every day and I didn't even want to continue life because I never thought it could get better. But it did. I am blessed beyond what I ever dreamed was possible and life is so good!

Happy 1 Month Birthday Benson Richard! We sure do love you!!!

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  1. You pictures are beautiful and I love your story about Benson. I wish the infant stage would last for at least one year.