Saturday, December 27, 2014

DAY 1212 - 1213... Christmas Shenanigans

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Holidays get so much better after you have kids of your own! Seeing their happiness and their excitement is way better than any gift Santa could ever bring!

We went over to my parents house on Christmas Eve to have our annual Graham Cracker House contest. This year the theme was Frozen...

Ryan built Oaken Sauna...

I built Kristoff's sled...

And Jake and Spencer teamed up and  built Elsa praying on top of the North Mountain. Not sure what that was all about to be honest. Kind of weird.

We never determined a winner.

While we were at my parents house Aniston got a phone call from Santa! 

I was hoping that this would make up for the fact that Broulim's Santa never wrote back like he promised he would. The phone call was a little too long for her to pay attention to the entire call, but she was excited and it was a fun Christmas Eve activity. I think that next year she will be the perfect age for this.

When we got home, Aniston discovered that an Elf had come and left some Christmas Eve surprises, new jammies, popcorn, drinkage and a new movie (How To Train Your Dragon 2) while we were away.

Of course Christmas Eve wouldn't be Christmas Eve without making cookies for Santa!!! Spencer ate the dough and Ani ate the finished cookies. They are the perfect team!

 Of course we had to leave a carrot for Rudolph. Aniston was very concerned about that.

Christmas Eve snuggles!!!

Spencer and I decided that we wanted Christmas to be more about Aniston this year than about us getting gifts for each other. Even though Spencer surprised me with several AMAZING gifts, Aniston had 5 times more presents than anyone else for sure. We made Christmas a little educational this year by having Aniston choose a wrapping paper for every member of the family. This made it easy for her to know who's presents were whose. She was able to pass out the presents to the correct person because she knew what wrapping paper was theirs. It was kind of fun. 

Santa did bring Ani her trampoline and Mickey Mouse Chapstick in case you were wondering. 

 Watching Aniston open presents was so entertaining! After every gift she opened she would hug it and say how much she loved it. We had to keep her focused in order to open the rest of her presents. 

 Baby's first Christmas! Best Christmas present ever!

Why do we even bother buying so many presents when Aniston is totally content with matching stripped hats with brother? Seriously, one of the sweetest moments of the morning.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, and went out to my parents house for a yummy prime rib Christmas dinner. It's my brother's last Christmas at home for the next two years before he heads to the UK for his mission, so it was fun to be able to spend the holiday with him.

We took pictures of the kids in their Christmas church clothes a few days before and I am beyond obsessed with their cuteness!!!

It was a wonderful Christmas! It's so fun to start new traditions and to talk with Aniston about the true meaning of Christmas as well as Santa. Benson had no idea what was going on and he slept through most of everything, but what a great Christmas! Best one by far! 

Also due to the craziness of the past month, I neglected to send out a Christmas card this year and so here's our virtual Christmas Card!

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!!! 
Merry Christmas!!!

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