Sunday, November 23, 2014

DAY 1181... Mission Call

FIn 1995, my mom gave birth to a hefty 9lbs 9oz baby boy. He was born on his grandfathers birthday (Speaking of which we are scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, yes I'm still pregnant, and Wednesday is my Dad's birthday so we could possibly be repeating that tradition 18 years later) and was given his grandfathers name. Due to his chubby stature, he was called by his middle name which was Jake. This is the same brother who when he turned 18 only wanted one thing for his birthday. He wanted to become a Lord of Scotland. So my parents bought him a square foot of land in Scotland and Jake became a Lord in Scotland. Pretty much the coolest gift ever in my opinion. So for the past 9 months he has been referred to as Lord Kenneth. He real name is Kenneth Jacob.

Anyway, Thursday night he opened his mission call....

We all thought he was lying because what are the odds?

This is seriously perfection!

I can't wait to hear all about his adventures while serving his mission!

SIDENOTE : So like I said, we have a scheduled induction on Tuesday. I am excited to finally have an end in sight, but kind of depressed because I will be missing my Dad's birthday and Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! I'm convinced that there is no better reason to miss these events than to have a baby, but I can't help but to feel pretty blue about it. My entire family will be here and we have family pictures scheduled! I'm crossing my fingers he will come even today or tomorrow, that would be better. But I have stubborn babies and they kind of do what they want, when they want.

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