Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DAY 1054... Flash Flood!!!

It was a very (probably an understatement) eventful night in Rexburg, Idaho last night. So eventful in fact, that our little city was featured on Good Morning America this morning! Watch it here! Pretty crazy!

Really it started with a little rain and some hail. I just figured it was a typical summertime thunderstorm, which usually I love. Aniston loved watching it out our enormous front window. But pretty soon it became quite clear that this was not your typical summertime thunderstorm.

I mean look at all that water!

Then, before we knew it.... FLASH FLOOD! I have never in my life ever experienced anything quite like this before! It was fast and random and so damaging!

Once the rain finally calmed down and the sun came out again the damage was unbelievable! Obviously in the GMA video you can see that in some apartments and homes the water was 3 feet deep! We were lucky enough to only have about 1 - 1 1/2 inches in our basement. It did require us to quickly move all of our storage from the basement bedroom, luckily the only "stuff" we lost was completely unimportant and wasn't being used anyway. We threw out a TON of cardboard and paper and basically anything that was wet. After that we had to remove as much of the water as we could then the carpet all had to come up. Underneath the carpet was who knows what kind of mat/tar nasty that Spencer spent all night scrapping up. So we know have cement floors in the laundry room, which is no big deal and we really consider ourselves so blessed!

We were also so blessed to have so many family and friends and our landlords and their family come over to help. Half of our basement is an apartment and it is in bad shape. But with everyone helping, it just made things easier on me, which might seem selfish but I'm doing my best to keep this pregnancy a good one, and it was much quicker for everyone. My family who only lives like 5 miles away, didn't even get a drop of rain!!! How often does something like this even happen?

I did what any good mom would do to keep a 2 year old out of the way and took her across the street to a majorly HUGE and deep puddle for her to play in. She was in HEAVEN!

I feel blessed that we didn't have much damage at all and that we were able to continue to live in our home and that Spencer was able to even go to school today. I don't know many Universities that are capable of experiencing a massive flooding but within 12 hours have the entire campus up and going again, minus one building, for learning. It's definitely an amazing experience and probably one we will never forget! It just reminds you that you never know when disaster will strike and how important it is to be prepared and ready to handle whatever is thrown your way.

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