Friday, July 11, 2014

DAY 1050... You Shouldn't Have to Try So Hard

I'm a little obsessed with Colbie Caillat. Also I'm obsessed with her new song "Try".

There are so many pressures in the world to "appear" perfect. I know I have felt so much pressure to lose weight especially after having a baby, to have the perfect hair or skin tone. I have felt pressure to wear the cutest clothes or to spend money on different accessories that will make me more beautiful. Since having a child it's difficult with her too. I feel like she has to be the cutest baby or take the cutest pictures or wear the best clothes or shoes. It's really hard to find a balance where you feel comfortable in this world. This shouldn't be the case though. We all come from different backgrounds and have different opinions of what we think looks best.

Why does it matter?

If we are happy with ourselves, that should be what really matters. Am I completely happy with myself? No. But I need to take a moment to pause and consider why I'm not happy. Am I not happy because I'm comparing myself to someone else, or is it truly my own desires that are making me not quite happy with myself?

Having coached high school girls for several years, cheerleaders no less, I saw these challenges first hand and was reminded of how I felt in my high school days as well. High school is a fashion show, plus the girls are really mean. At this point in your life you aren't making money and you depend on your parents to provide for you. What if your parents can't provide the right clothes because they are too busy paying their mortgage or putting food on the table? I hate to see young girls struggling with this! It's such a waste of time and effort and they are losing what they really should be focusing on and that is becoming who they really are and learning to be happy with what they have been blessed with. I would strive to compliment them daily on their attitudes or the way they would go about things in order to separate the things that really matter as opposed to material items that don't.

The only makeup that I wear is mascara... sometimes. And sometimes I use eye shadow as eye liner. I don't like the feel of makeup on my skin and I don't like having to put it on and take it off. It also smells. My super hero power is smell definitely even when I'm not pregnant. Lucky for me, I have always been like this even in high school so people don't know anything different. Even on my wedding day I didn't wear anything but mascara. But because people have never seen anything else it's what works for me. I never plan on changing that and I hope that Aniston chooses to stay as natural as she can. But sometimes I feel pressure because my skin isn't perfect and I should cover the blemishes up. But then I think my laziness takes over and I don't do anything about it. I just remember that I could spend that extra time I would spend putting on makeup with Aniston or sleeping, and it makes everything okay. I always wanted to be the kind of person who when my husband saw me when I wake up in the morning he wouldn't be afraid of me because I wasn't wearing makeup. I wanted him to know who I was.

Are we dressing so that other people will like us? Are we doing our hair or wearing makeup to get attention? Is that really important? It's not. I promise. it's not worth the money, the time or the effort to try to please other people with the way that you look. Just be yourself, your true self because that IS enough.

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