Thursday, March 26, 2015

DAy 1303... Our BIG news and our BIG boy

Life is so unpredictable! I guess that's what makes it kind of fun right? Fun, and at the same time challenging and frustrating and exciting. When I was younger I knew exactly how my life would play out, right down to the names of my children. Life definitely had other plans for me. And Spencer vetoed very single one of the names I liked for children. Seriously, it's a miracle that Aniston and Benson even have names because we are the worst at name picking! That's hard stuff!

Speaking of Benson, our little man turned 4 months old yesterday! He is just amazing! He is super smiley and just such an easy baby. The past week he has been giving me one heck of a nightmare when it comes to sleeping at night, but I'm convinced it's just a stage and that someday this tired momma will get to sleep again. He is still obsessed with his swing and his sister! He has decided that baths can be fun and that his thumb is fun to suck on. He is kind of massive. He weighs 15.8lbs and is just the cutest chunk. But he is still short. Poor little guy. But short and fat is a wonderful baby combination!

Okay, now for our big news which is the reason I'm sure you're reading this. Spencer and I have been considering many options for our little family over the past several months. Should he keep going to school? Should he keep going to school at BYU Idaho? Should we put the kids in daycare so I can use my masters degree and work again? Should we move? Should we stay? Just so many questions. Personally, I hate the idea of daycare. I want to be the one raising my kids and I was determined to do everything in my power to make that happen. So I knelt down and had a little conversation with my Heavenly Father. I told him that something needed to change, and that if Spencer was suppose to be here and going to school here, we would need a miracle. But I also told him that we were okay moving. Shortly after that conversation we decided that I needed to start applying for jobs. I was applying for about 30 jobs a week all around the country. It was stressful, gave me an absurd amount of anxiety and was super time consuming. Of all the jobs I applied for, I only applied for 2 in Rexburg. Immediately I got calls and set up interviews for both those jobs. I was instantly offered one of the jobs. A real life, big kid job that would require daycare for the kiddos. It was a wonderful opportunity, but we didn't feel like it was the right one for our family. So, before my other interview, for the job that would be the answer to our prayers, I turned down the job offer.  Crazy right? Well after the most awkward couple interview ever... Seriously, has anyone ever participated in a couple interview with your spouse? It was such a unique experience... We were offered the job we really wanted. When they offered it to me I was shaking and crying and I truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world! It was one of those moments were you dreamed it would happen but never really thought it would because things like that just don't happen to you. It was definitely a slap in the face and it is obvious to us that we are suppose to be in Rexburg. 

The job is managing a boys apartment complex. These are very coveted and difficult jobs to obtain in Rexburg. Why you ask? Well because you get free rent, and paid on top of that. It's really the ideal job for a student with a family. The best part? My office is attached to the apartment and the kids can be around so that we don't have to put them in daycare! Spencer will act as the maintenance man for the complex and I will handle all the other management duties. It does mean that we will be leaving our awesome huge house and moving back into an apartment, but we really like the apartment and are okay with the entire situation. It will be our 5th home in 3 1/2 years of marriage,  but who's counting? We are really excited to start downsizing and simplifying our life. We are excited for the opportunity to work together as a couple and to strengthen our relationship. We really are feeling very very blessed and insanely lucky! Basically it was the BEST St. Patrick's Day ever. (That's when we were offered the job).

I have been training every day and it has been great. I have big shoes to fill, but I am just so excited for this wonderful opportunity. It's definitely one of those times when you know that you are where you are suppose to be. We weren't suppose to be moving until the end of April, but surprise surprise, we are moving next weekend. Super exciting! Just for kicks and giggles, look at the smiles of my babies! They have been angels through this entire process and the training. Life is so good!

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